President Joe Biden spoke at an event on Tuesday following his son’s felony firearms convictions earlier in the day and the venue was more than just a little ironic.

Biden delivered a speech at an event sponsored by Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety, a noted gun control group founded by the left-leaning Bloomberg News founder and former NYC mayor. Biden said, “In two weeks we’ll mark the second anniversary of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.” The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) is the gun control bill that Republican Sen. John Cornyn helped Democrats draft and pass in 2022.

The president went on to explain how the BSCA has enabled his administration to allocate millions of dollars for additional gun control measures and the promotion of more firearm regulations. He also highlighted the creation of the “first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” stating that the office was established to send a “clear message” about the significance he places on combating gun violence.

Referencing his ATF’s actions against firearms that Democrats refer to as “ghost guns,” he emphasized his desire for additional gun control measures. Biden stated, “It’s time once again to do what I did when I was Senator, ban ‘assault weapons.’ I mean it.” His remarks were made just three hours after his son, Hunter, was convicted on three gun charges.

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The Delaware jury convicted Hunter Biden on all three federal felony gun charges he faced, concluding that he violated laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms. And now, the so-called Biden political dynasty may be about ready to collapse after the patriarch, Joe Biden, has spent more than 50 years in public office.

The Daily Caller reported a surprising new result: the unpopular Democrat has reached an all-time low in the polls tracked by FiveThirtyEight. With less than five months to go before Election Day, Biden now has the support of just 37.4% of likely general election voters in 538’s polling average. This lack of support is lower than his previous low of 37.9% in July 2022.

Even among modern-day presidents, Biden stands in a category below the rest. Only former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and George H.W. Bush had similarly low levels of support during their first – and only – terms. Carter and Bush both faced criticism for weak economies, while Ford began his term dealing with the aftermath of former President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

The result adds to other recent polls indicating Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in six of the country’s seven key swing states. According to RealClearPolling, Trump, the Republican frontrunner, holds a solid lead over Biden and third-party independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in national polls, averaging a 5.3% advantage across 21 surveys conducted since the start of October last year. These results show Trump with an average of 41% support among the electorate, while Biden receives 35.7%, and RFK garners 11.7% of respondents.


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