The so-called Biden political dynasty may be about ready to collapse after the patriarch, Joe Biden, has spent more than 50 years in public office.

The Daily Caller reported a surprising new result: the unpopular Democrat has reached an all-time low in the polls tracked by FiveThirtyEight. With less than five months to go before Election Day, Biden now has the support of just 37.4% of likely general election voters in 538’s polling average. This lack of support is lower than his previous low of 37.9% in July 2022.

Even among modern-day presidents, Biden stands in a category below the rest. Only former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and George H.W. Bush had similarly low levels of support during their first – and only – terms. Carter and Bush both faced criticism for weak economies, while Ford began his term dealing with the aftermath of former President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

The result adds to other recent polls indicating Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in six of the country’s seven key swing states. According to RealClearPolling, Trump, the Republican frontrunner, holds a solid lead over Biden and third-party independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in national polls, averaging a 5.3% advantage across 21 surveys conducted since the start of October last year. These results show Trump with an average of 41% support among the electorate, while Biden receives 35.7%, and RFK garners 11.7% of respondents.

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The current Democratic incumbent is being criticized heavily regarding the economy and the country’s direction. According to a New York Times poll, 80% of respondents rated the economy as fair or poor, and 59% disapproved of the president’s job performance.

Supporters of Biden highlight his financial advantage over Trump, arguing that his campaign funds will help him persuade additional voters to close the gap. However, Republican strategists who spoke with the Caller believe that the president’s fundraising lead may not endure for long.

“This was a much-needed shot in the arm, and although I anticipate Biden and the entire Democratic apparatus having more money, just like they’ve had going back to 2016, Trump needs enough to make sure that they can run the kind of ground game and turnout effort that he needs to win,” Scott Jennings,  a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, told the Caller.

“When I think about what Trump would do with a massive cash infusion, my mind immediately goes to, oh, he’s going to put this into a ground game to ensure that these mid- to low-propensity voters actually come out. And if he’s able to do that and jack up the turnout among that audience, he’s going to win,” he said.

And now, the president has the shame and the stain of having a convicted felon for a son. A federal jury reached a decision in Hunter’s federal firearms trial after just a few hours of deliberating, beginning Tuesday morning. The jury has convicted Hunter Biden on all three federal felony gun charges he faced, concluding that he violated laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms. He faces up to 25 years in prison, but since he’s a first-time offender, he may not get any jail time, say legal experts.

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