South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem dropped a major update regarding who should be former President Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate, and she appeared to suggest — or rather nominate — herself for the position during a revealing interview on Sunday with CNN’s Dana Bash.

“All the polls tell him in these swing states that a woman on the ticket helps him win. The polls just say that. People, one in four Republican women, haven’t made up their minds because they want to have a woman talking to them about the issues they care about. And women aren’t monolithic. They don’t care about just one issue,” Noem said. “They care about health care. They care about their children. They care about their futures. They care about having an opportunity to have a business and to have a career. And all of that is being threatened under Joe Biden.”

“But, yes, the women’s vote is extremely important. And I have spent the majority of my time here in Wisconsin talking to women and talking to those people that are independent and on the fringe, and they’re leaning towards Donald Trump. But they also want to know that their perspective is going to be at the table when decisions are made,” she continued, as Bash asked Noem directly if Trump should pick a woman to be his running mate.

“They want to know that there’s going to be people involved — I think that that would be beneficial, according to the polling that I have seen for him in a lot of swing states, is that having a woman that is helping him campaign makes a difference,” Noem responded.

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“Listen, I could be home in bed or feeding my horses right now or rocking my grandbabies. But I’m in Wisconsin because I believe President Trump needs to win. His policies are right for America, and they’re perfect for South Dakota. And I want him to win. And the polling tells me that he needs women out on the campaign trail carrying his message about how much he cares about them and their future, too,” Noem continued.

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The South Dakota governor was reportedly high on Trump’s VP list, but she reportedly fell out of grace after her new book was published and an incident was revealed where she said she was forced to shoot and kill a young family hunting dog because it was attacking livestock and acting hostile towards others. Trump was reportedly less than impressed with the story, but obviously, Noem isn’t completely out of favor with the former president because she is stumping for him.

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