According to sources cited by Politico, the criteria for selecting a vice presidential candidate have now changed after South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, once a frontrunner for the position and a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, saw her chances diminish following the release of an autobiography in which she boasts about shooting an untrainable puppy. In light of this, Trump is now reportedly reconsidering her neighbor from North Dakota as a potential running mate.

According to reports from the outlet, Governor Doug Burgum, a multimillionaire who financed his own unsuccessful presidential campaign, is now among the former president’s top choices for a vice-presidential running mate. At first glance, the consideration of Burgum seems illogical, as he hails from a staunchly Republican state that contributes only three electoral votes.

However, Burgum has proven himself as an effective fundraiser with extensive expertise in sectors such as energy, economics, and foreign policy, traits that are attractive to the former president, the report said.

GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) expressed initial surprise upon learning that his governor was being considered for the vice presidential spot, but noted that he has “earned serious consideration” for staunchly supporting Trump through his criminal trials. Additionally, he portrayed a less Trump-like image during his presidential run before withdrawing in December, a demeanor that could help Trump attract moderates in swing states during the fall election.

“Nobody has played their cards better since the primary,” said Scott Jennings, a former political adviser to President George W. Bush. “Trump is a casting director. Who looks more like a VP than Burgum?” He is a “rich guy who could help with fundraising.”

An anonymous source close to the Trump campaign mentioned that Gov. Burgum is actively supporting the campaign well ahead of any formal selection. He’s been making fundraising calls, participating in finance meetings, and attracting new major donors. Additionally, Burgum has campaigned for Trump in New Hampshire, Virginia, and Nevada. Having sold his software business to Microsoft for $1.1 billion in 2001, Burgum brings a valuable network of high-net-worth individuals. His low-key demeanor is also seen as a positive by the president’s advisors, particularly in a year when most other contenders are aggressively trying to boost their own visibility.

“No drama. Won’t outshine the top, but seems like a loyal guy who will work and do what’s asked of him,” Jennings said, comparing Burgum favorably to the flailing vice presidential hopeful Kristi Noem. “And as far as I know he’s not out here dying on Dog Murder Hill every day.”

During the presidential campaign, Gov. Burgum built his brand on a pledge to avoid “anger, yelling, infighting” on stage with his rivals, instead offering to “listen with respect” and “talk things out.” His reserved stage presence might not have resonated in an era dominated by aggressive political confrontations, but it certainly suggested that he could be an effective counterbalance to the more combative President Trump, Politico noted.

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