Former President Donald Trump managed to secure another endorsement of his 2024 election campaign that will further solidify his bona fides as a law-and-order candidate. The Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) has officially endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election.

The endorsement was announced by LVPPA President Steven Grammas just hours before Trump was scheduled to address a massive crowd of supporters. The rally, held in Sunset Park, Las Vegas, saw thousands of attendees lining up as early as 6 am, showcasing their unwavering support for the former president. This event marks President Trump’s first public rally since his controversial conviction in the politically motivated trial in New York.

Addressing the crowd, President Grammas emphasized the importance of strong leadership to support law enforcement efforts nationwide.“We in law enforcement can’t endure another four years under Joe Biden,” Grammas said. “We need robust support from our national government and our state government. Thankfully, here in Nevada, our governor is none other than former Sheriff Joe Lombardo.”

Grammas emphatically reiterated his strong support for Trump’s candidacy. “The last thing I have for you all from the Trump campaign — they don’t know this yet — but right here, I hold the official endorsement from the 4,000 commissioned officers of the LVPPA, showing our 100% support to Donald Trump for President. Thank you all. Please be safe. Trump 2024.”

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In late May, Trump picked up another key Republican endorsement as the party, once a bit fractured during last spring’s primaries, begins to coalesce around him again. Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa announced his support for Trump on Tuesday.

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“We need President Trump back in the White House to get our country back on track and correct President Biden’s failures,” Grassley told the Daily Caller. “High costs at the grocery store are hurting Iowa families, and Biden’s open border policies are jeopardizing the safety of America’s families. There’s no question who I’ll be supporting in November: Donald J. Trump.” He added: “Every time I get a chance to speak up for Trump at my Iowa meetings and in the press, I take it.”

Grassley, the longest-serving senator, was reelected to his eighth term in 2022 and received an endorsement from Trump. Prior to the Iowa caucus, Grassley held off on making an endorsement, saying: “I do not plan on endorsing, and I believe that Joni Ernst has the same view I have. And the reason we haven’t endorsed anybody is because when there were 13 candidates, we wanted everybody to come to Iowa and keep Iowa first in the nation.”

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