Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid revealed his voting intentions for the 2024 presidential election during a conversation with Piers Morgan, sparking support and controversy.

Quaid, known for his dynamic roles in films such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘Frequency,’ didn’t hold back in his endorsement. “I think I’m going to vote for him [Trump] in the next election,” he said to Morgan, appearing unshaken by the potential backlash his choice will provoke from his Hollywood peers.

Morgan pressed, “Are you ready for the blowback?” Quaid responded: “Well, yeah. If he inevitably comes to Trump… I think this election, everybody’s got to, I think they’re going to take a side or whatever, but it’s, it just seems to me it just makes sense.” He added with a smile: “People might call him an *sshole, but he’s my *sshole.”

In the past, Quaid has described himself as an independent with conservative leanings. He has expressed support for specific political figures in interviews but emphasizes that he does not adhere strictly to one party. Quaid considers himself open-minded on political issues and evaluates them individually rather than aligning consistently with a single political ideology.

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Here are some reactions to Quaid’s remarks:

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