In a Newsmax interview, Trump made it clear that if elected president in November, those responsible for the legal attacks against him could face the same legal consequences. He hinted at the possibility of retribution for those behind the ‘lawfare’ he has endured.

There is a strong belief among some on the right that the Biden Administration, particularly Joe Biden’s Justice Department, played a role in the legal cases against Trump, like the one initiated by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Stephen Miller’s America First Legal has responded by suing the DOJ. They are seeking, under the Freedom of Information Act, to obtain communications related to the DOJ’s involvement in these cases.

During his Newsmax TV interview with host Greg Kelly, Trump made that comment while describing the situation as a “terrible thing,” adding, “I got a lot of credit from a lot of people, and some people said I should have done it, but, you know, could have, would have been very easy to do it, but I thought it would be a terrible precedent for our country. Wouldn’t it be terrible to throw the Pres wife and the former Secretary of State into jail? Wouldn’t that be a terrible thing? But they wanna do it!”

Continuing, Trump returned to calling the situation and precedent “terrible,” adding that the real question is if he will go through with it and try to jail his enemies as he was attacked with so many lawfare attacks. Beginning with the part about it being “terrible,” he said, “It’s a terrible, terrible path that they’re leading us to.”

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Then he dropped his warning: The same thing could happen to the regime apparatchiks who tried to take him down with lawfare, saying, “It’s very possible that it’s going to have to happen to them. It’s a very terrible thing. It’s a terrible precedent for our country. Does that mean the next president does it to them? That’s really the question.”

The Biden Campaign, predictably, released a hysterical statement on Trump’s comments, saying, “Reeling and increasingly unhinged from his own felony convictions, Trump raising plans to jail his political opponents is just the latest proof that he will do anything to regain power, preserve his own freedom and seek revenge on anyone who opposes him.”

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Continuing, the statement said, “Trump is pledging to rule as a dictator on ‘day one, punish his enemies, embrace violence done on his behalf, and warns of a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses. The warning signs are clear for all to see. Trump is a danger to our Constitution, a threat to our democracy, and so consumed by his own failed, diminished state he has gone off the deep end.”


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