Fox News “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters, who also has a hit prime-time program on the network Monday through Friday, made a dire prediction about what he believes will happen if New York Judge Juan Merchan puts former President Donald Trump in jail following his conviction Thursday on 34 manufactured felony charges.

“What do you think about the jail — what they’re talking about in terms of the sentencing? What do you think is going to happen?” co-host and former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee asked Watters.

“I think he’s the only person the Democrats ever want to put in prison. Everybody else they let out, so it’s ridiculous. He’s 70-something. He’s a former president. He’s got no track record. These are nonviolent misdemeanors Frankensteined into a felony. If this judge tries this, there’s going to be a revolution in this country. There’s no doubt about that,” Watters predicted. Co-host Jeanine Pirro added: “I agree.”

“But if Biden is still down like he is on July 11th, I wouldn’t put it past Bragg and this judge to get together and try to put him in jail, maybe house arrest. But wouldn’t that just move this right to the Supreme Court, Judge? Couldn’t you do an emergency appeal straight to SCOTUS?” Watters asked.

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Pirro responded: “Here’s the issue. You’ve got to be able to show there’s a due process violation and an interference with the election and get a common law writ and try to bring it up and hope they’ll take it. Look, we’re still waiting for immunity from them. But normally, they’ll say let the state courts exhaust their appeal. We’ll see.”

In April, Watters gave a stark assessment of President Joe Biden’s current status among even Democratic voters.

“We keep on hearing about this jobs boom. All the jobs are coming from people that were born in another country and that’s what brings down wages. And I just saw [President Biden] not just replenish the Strategic Oil Reserve because the price of oil is too high to do it. It’s at $86 a barrel. He was going to do it at $70,” he said.

“And I think oil prices are even going to go higher, and the stock market had a rough day today. Imagine that the stock market corrects. You just basically guaranteed Trump’s re-election. We’ll see how that shakes out,” he continued.

“New pollsters to do what? To give polls to Joe that make him look like he is doing better? All of these polls are done by liberals. Even the Fox News poll has Joe Biden losing. He is at 38% approval in the battlegrounds. Donald Trump is at 51% approval,” he continued.

“Donald Trump is wildly popular. Wildly more popular than Joe Biden in the states that are going to make this election count. His coalition is absolutely collapsing. He is tied with Hispanics. He is tied with young voters. And he’s only winning 68% of blacks. That is an absolute catastrophe. Bring back Dick Morris, that’s what he has to do,” Watters added.

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“They are saying he needs more energy. You have to give Democrats a reason to be excited. It’s not just all about the performance, like a Bernie or Trump, where you go to the rally, and it is kind of fun and exciting,” he said.

“Joe Biden has to make people on Election Day and the 21,000 weeks leading up to Election Day that we’re going to be voting and harvesting, they have to make Democrats excited, and a reason to walk over hot coals to vote for Joe Biden and it can’t just be about Trump’s going to be a dictator on Day 1 because no one is falling for that hoax,” he said.


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