Fox News’ “Prime Time” host Jesse Watters took the mainstream media to task earlier this week during a segment in which he revealed what he believes most outlets are doing to influence the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

In Democrat Joe Biden’s favor, of course.

Namely, he says that the media is seeking to hide both candidates from the American public for differing reasons.

“This is already not a free and fair election,” Watters said Thursday. “The media is now hiding both presidential candidates from you.

“They’re hiding Biden so you can’t evaluate him and they’re hiding Trump so you can’t be persuaded by him. What kind of presidential election are we going to have where the American voter isn’t going to be able to see or hear from either candidate?” he asked.

“The media has become the most dangerous thing in the United States. Beware of people who swear they’re only trying to protect you,” he added.

He played clips of various lefty media outlets trying to explain why they refused to air Trump’s remarks after his indictment. And of course, Biden barely does any press conferences anymore because he’s reportedly too feeble to handle them.


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