Slowly but surely, the ‘mainstream’ left-wing corporate media is getting more pushback on the false narratives they have been pushing for years about former President Donald Trump and from people who used to swallow their falsehoods hook, line, and sinker.

NBC News’ Dasha Burns told MSNBC on Friday that black and Hispanic voters reject her suggestive statements that Trump is racist. Trump held a rally on Thursday in the Bronx, a predominantly Democratic and Hispanic area, reportedly drawing thousands of attendees. Burns mentioned on “Ana Cabrera Reports” that Black and Hispanic voters are typically unaffected when she brings up examples of Trump’s alleged racism because they believe “life was better” under his administration compared to President Joe Biden’s.

“I talk to these voters about the Central Park five,” Burns said. “I talk to them about some of the comments that he’s made, and the policies beyond rhetoric, right? They are just so focused on what their lives are like right now, what they can feel tangibly that when I push back with those comments, they shut that down.”

She reflected on what radio host Charlamagne Tha God highlighted three “tangible things” this week that Black Americans might appreciate from Trump’s administration in a recent interview with The New York Times. He noted that two of Trump’s economic policies during the COVID-19 pandemic and one policy on criminal justice reform could contribute to his appeal with Black voters.

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“They said, ‘listen, he might say some things.’ Again, they focused on the rhetoric still because they feel like that’s what the media sort of consistently puts out there,” Burns added. “They say ‘he might say some stuff that’s offensive, but at the end of the day, I feel like my life was better under former President Trump than under President Biden.’”

“This is what I hear from voters consistently, and we see this reflected in the data as we’re seeing these numbers of black and Hispanic voters sort of getting chipped away from the Democratic Party and moving towards Trump … I see this consistently as I talk to these demographics,” she said.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that Trump has narrowed the gap with Biden among Black and Hispanic Americans across six swing states. According to the poll, Biden leads Trump 70% to 18% among Black voters and 47% to 42% among Hispanic voters. CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said on Friday that Trump’s rally in the Bronx is a negative indicator for Biden’s reelection chances, as it reflects the shifting support of Latino voters.

“This is a sign of the Hispanic movement that we saw last cycle, right, where we saw, although Hispanics still favored the Democratic candidate in Joe Biden, they were less likely to favor him than they did Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama both times,” Enten said. “And it’s not just there that happened. We saw it in Hispanic precincts and counties across the country from southeast Florida, southern Texas, even in the Los Angeles area.”

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