After Thursday night’s rally in the Bronx, former President Donald Trump may have reshaped the battleground ahead of the next presidential election, according to CNN’s data expert Harry Enten. Trump expressed confidence in winning New York—a state that has not favored a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan 44 years ago.

Speaking openly on the progressive news network on Friday, Enton disclosed the impact of Trump’s rally in Kratona Park, indicating a shift in voter trends that could pose a challenge for President Joe Biden. “Look, this is Donald Trump’s hometown paper, the New York Post. He got the headline that he wanted out of this, and this is something that Trump is so important to him. But it’s more than that,” he said (see video below).

The 2020 election results revealed that Biden won the precinct by only 69 points, marking a significant decrease from Hillary Clinton’s margin. “This is a sign of the Hispanic movement that we saw last cycle, right? Where we saw, although Hispanics still favored the Democratic candidate in Joe Biden, they were less likely to favor him than they did Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama both times. And it’s not just there that happened,” Enton continued.

According to CNN data, a significant shift in Hispanic voter support is emerging across the United States, affecting key electoral regions from Southeast Florida to Southern Texas, and extending to Los Angeles. Enton notes that Biden’s previously strong 25-point lead among Hispanic voters during the 2020 election cycle has drastically narrowed to just seven points.

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CNN further explored the strategic implications for Biden’s re-election campaign, particularly in the Great Lakes region. While Hispanics make up about 10% of likely voters nationally, their representation in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is significantly lower, at 3%, 2%, and 4%, respectively. Enton suggested that Biden’s best path to securing re-election may involve prioritizing these states, where the Hispanic vote holds less influence compared to other regions.

According to a recent Siena College poll, Biden is leading Trump in New York by 9 points, with 47% of the vote compared to Trump’s 38%. The poll surveyed 1,191 registered voters. This represents a significant decrease in Biden’s lead compared to four years ago when he won the state by 23 points. “Who said we’re not going to win New York?” Trump said yesterday. “We’re going to win New York.”

“These millions and millions of people that are coming into our country — the biggest impact and the biggest negative impact is against our Black population and our Hispanic population,” Trump said.

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