Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has confirmed what her firebrand conservative colleague Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said earlier Thursday about a bombshell whistleblower document involving President Joe Biden.

Boebert confirmed that the recently revealed FBI informant document presented to the members of the House Oversight Committee allegedly pertains to a $5 million bribery payment made to Joe Biden rather than his son Hunter Biden. (see video below)

During her appearance on “The Benny Show” hosted by Benny Johnson, Boebert disclosed the contents of the redacted FD-1023 record, which has been at the center of an ongoing dispute between the FBI and House investigators.

Johnson pressed her for details and noted that the document remains under seal and is not public yet.

“So there are some details you know, just dates, times, locations that, that we cannot express right now for the safety of the source,” Boebert said. “And so what I can say is this is: This has been going on for many years and there was a 5 million dollar payment made to Joe Biden. Not Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, ‘The Big Guy.'”

“And this is, you know, we’ve… it’s been said that we’re going after his son that he has nothing to do with this office, but it’s clearly laid out that they used Hunter Biden because he was stupid and that he could go through his dad for protection and that it would all just go away anyway,” she added.

“Wow,” Johnson said. “And so this does have to do with the natural gas in Ukraine. This does have to do with the development of national gas sources.”

“And Burisma and Hunter Biden being appointed to the board where it is,” she replied. “It is noted that he had no experience, that the Biden family business has no experience in these oil and gas companies in these businesses. Yet he was appointed to the board.

“They know he is not smart, they know he’s stupid. And the payments were made for bribery. Shokin is certainly mentioned in these documents. And all of this really surrounds around that public statement made by Joe Biden threatening Viktor Shokin. And we’re seeing that there were forced payments made,” she noted further.

In 2016, Joe Biden boasted at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting about getting Viktor Shokin, former Ukrainian Prosecutor General, fired. Shokin was investigating Burisma, the natural gas company that put Hunter Biden on its board.


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