Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held a short press conference Thursday afternoon after she and other lawmakers were shown an FBI document alleging then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a corrupt bribery scheme.

In a video posted to her social media, Greene wrote, “I just read the FBI’s FD-1023 form implicating Joe Biden in a political bribery pay-to-play scheme. Here’s what the American people deserve to know.

She said she went earlier to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) to view the document, which the Georgia Republican went on to describe as “very credible,” adding that the allegations against Biden “are nothing short of deeply troubling.”


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The document demanded by Greene and other Republicans is an FBI FD-1023 form commonly utilized to document details provided by a confidential human source. Specifically, the form refers to a date of “June 30, 2020” and a monetary amount of “five million.”

The references are related to an alleged scheme involving a foreign national offering money to Biden in exchange for specific actions during his tenure as vice president.

According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), the document in question is related to Ukraine, and it encompasses allegations that align with a recurring pattern observed in other countries like Romania.

The allegations involve suspicious financial transactions amounting to millions of dollars, which were allegedly routed through banks and shell companies associated with members of Biden’s family.

“I think it’s clear and obvious that the DOJ, the FBI, Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, and many others are protecting the Bidens,” Greene told Breitbart News last week.

“I don’t know why [FBI Director] Christopher Wray is refusing to hand it over. You can only think one way when they refuse to hand over an unclassified document. It has direct evidence of Joe Biden himself getting paid by a foreign national for foreign policy decisions,” she alleged.

“So, it’s a real pay-to-play scheme when Joe Biden was Vice President. But there’s also further consequences. We’re already looking at our appropriations in our budget. We’re looking at making cuts there. So, it’s not just contempt of Congress,” she continued.

“It isn’t the only thing that we can do. In my opinion, we have enough evidence for impeachment. I’m absolutely convinced. It just takes the courage of Republicans to move for impeachment,” she added.

“If we were a just country, our Department of Justice would prosecute him [Joe Biden] and put them [family] in jail, because that’s highly illegal,” she added.

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