Allies of Donald Trump are seizing the opportunity to gain political ground following Joe Biden’s widely criticized debate performance. A powerful super PAC, supported by Republican mega-donor Miriam Adelson, is planning a massive $61 million campaign that focuses on TV and digital advertisements aimed at criticizing Biden, who is currently facing pressure from within his own party to withdraw from the presidential race, Politico reported.

Preserve America, a super PAC, is gearing up to launch a significant advertising campaign later this month, strategically timed to coincide with the start of the Summer Olympics, which is anticipated to attract a large viewership. According to a source familiar with the plans who spoke on condition of anonymity, these commercials will continue to run through Labor Day. The ads will target three critical Rust Belt battleground states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, aiming to capitalize on the high visibility provided by the Olympic Games to reach a wide audience, said Politico.

The media blitz is set to begin to coincide with Trump’s upcoming engagements, which include a rally at his Doral, Florida golf club on Tuesday, another rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, and a major interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show which took place Monday evening — his first significant media appearance since the debate.

Amid these strategic moves, there is also widespread speculation that Trump may announce his vice-presidential running mate soon. The decision is highly anticipated, with details being closely guarded by his team. The exact timing of this announcement is still uncertain, reflecting the fluid nature of campaign strategies.

After maintaining a relatively low profile since the June 27 debate, Trump is re-entering the public eye, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on Biden’s widely discussed debate performance. Trump’s team has announced plans for the upcoming Republican National Convention next week, which will focus on criticizing Biden’s record on crime and national security. The shift in strategy marks a significant move by Trump to reclaim attention in the news cycle and frame the narrative leading into the convention.

Politico adds:

But in recent days Trump and his campaign publicly delighted in the discord within Democratic ranks. On Truth Social, the former president posted negative headlines about Biden, and Trump’s campaign fundraised off speculation that Vice President Kamala Harris could step in to replace Biden.

“Biden is dropping out!” and “President Kamala Harris?” read two fundraising email subject lines.

The former president is also getting backup from its outside allies.

Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again, a major super PAC supporting Donald Trump, recently penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled “Sorry, Democrats, Biden Is Your Man.” In the piece, Budowich argues that it’s too late and too complicated for the Democrats to nominate anyone other than Biden for the upcoming election. In addition to this op-ed, MAGA Inc. PAC has been actively disseminating polls and headlines focused on Biden, aiming to shape public perception of his candidacy as the Democratic nominee.

Preserve America, the super PAC that played a significant role in supporting Trump during the 2020 elections, has announced its intention to reboot its operations. In May, the organization declared plans to revitalize its efforts, including a substantial advertising campaign set to begin the week after the Republican National Convention. Their initiative follows the PAC’s significant financial backing in 2020, largely fueled by a $90 million donation from Miriam Adelson and her late husband, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, which constituted about 85 percent of the total funds raised by Preserve America that year.

“Adelson is expected to be a major donor to Preserve America again, and the group has said it will spend more than the $100 million it did in 2020. The organization’s plans are more aggressive than four years ago, when it didn’t begin running commercials until after Labor Day,” Politico noted further.

The group has raised funds from approximately 50 donors for commercials focusing on immigration, national security, and the economy, according to the person familiar with the effort. “Joe Biden and his hard left allies have raised the cost of living, let terrorists cross our border, and crushed our veterans,” said Dave Carney, a senior adviser for Preserve America. “And we’re going to put a boot on their necks so he can’t continue ruining our country over the next four years.”

MAGA Inc., led by Trump ally Budowich, has outlined a strategic $100 million media spending plan targeted at four key battleground states. To enhance efficiency and impact, MAGA Inc. has been coordinating with Preserve America, another prominent pro-Trump super PAC, to avoid overlapping efforts in their advertising and outreach.

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