Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy made a stunning observation about Joe Biden during an on-air interview with network host Neil Cavuto on Monday following calls for the president by members of his own party to step aside, a demand that has been met with defiance by Biden and his administration.

“The White House would rather talk about the NATO summit that they’re going to host tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. And despite some various reports that European allies have been concerned about President Biden’s condition privately, White House officials say that hasn’t made its way to the West Wing,” Doocy began. “President Biden did a phone interview today, but he is remaining entirely off-camera unless something changes. So for a trip to battleground North Carolina, they sent the first lady.”

White House officials are saying President Biden is going to host a press conference on Thursday afternoon. All that they’ll tell us is that it’s going to be more than the traditional two questions when foreign leaders are in town. They’re describing it at the White House as a ‘big boy press conference,'” he told the host.

Cavuto responded: “A big boy press conference seems to imply that he’s going to take more than just a couple of questions. And the pressure would be on him because it would only be him answer.” That led Doocy to explain, “Well, one way to stop getting people to focus on him being 81 and possibly having issues with his acuity is just to call him a big boy.”

The host then said:

Yeah, I guess so. But let me ask you something. One of the things I do see from the president of the White House is they all see how busy he is. He’s never been this busy. He’s never been this frenetic, keeping this pace. But this is all in response to that debate. Who’s to say that this last if he can get through this and he returns to form where they have these early lids, a pretty limited travel schedule. I mean, obviously, a lot of people are seeing through this not to be jaded about it, but all of this is in response to that debate.

“It is, but I think what they are doing based on the president’s own words today is they are looking at the last campaign where there was such a limited schedule and there were the early lids and he still beat Trump,” said Doocy. “And so they think that they’re going to be able to beat Trump again like that. But when he does this 18 minutes with ‘Morning Joe’ and White House officials insist there was no script, even though at one point he said he was reading off of a list of things Trump said.”

Then the Fox News correspondent dropped this bombshell: “When you listen to him, he’s talking a lot about the election and making it to the election and winning. He’s not talking about serving out a full term. And it seems like there is a big disconnect. We would have loved to have gotten some clarity about that here at the White House, but they did not have time for us in more than an hour’s worth of questions.”

The mainstream media’s long-term effort to downplay concerns about President Biden’s mental fitness encountered significant challenges following his recent debate with former President Donald Trump. On “Fox & Friends,” Dr. Marc Siegel criticized the media’s portrayal of Biden’s apparent “cognitive impairment” during the debate, arguing that referring to these incidents merely as “gaffes” could actually be detrimental to the president’s public image. His criticism reflects a broader debate about media bias and the handling of political figures’ public and private personas.

“We started pointing this out four years ago. I mean, the media is pointing it out now. With all due respect to George Stephanopoulos. I was talking about this with Sean Hannity four years ago,” Siegel said. “Because that’s when it looked like we were starting to see signs of what’s called mild cognitive impairment. To the public now it looks like it’s progressed more. We don’t know. I’m not his doctor. I haven’t examined him.”

“But there’s issues clearly with spatial orientation, with severe memory lapses,” he continued.

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