Amid concerns among Democrats regarding the 2024 presidential nominee due to questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive health, a parody video titled “Walk Like a Joe Biden” has resurfaced and is circulating online. This spoof, which first appeared last year on “Louder With Crowder,” parodies the 1980s hit “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles. The parody does not feature the original Bangles members but includes actors closely resembling them, adding a humorous twist to the political commentary.

The parody video, which has garnered over 2.2 million views on YouTube, features a montage of actual news footage. It highlights several instances of Joe Biden’s physical missteps and includes scenes related to political controversies involving his son, Hunter Biden, and the scandal over his own classified documents. The video suggests that the U.S. Justice Department has overlooked these issues, using a comedic approach to critique the political landscape.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

The American president is doomed/
The little old man can barely move/
If he moves too quick/
Oh whey oh/
He’ll topple just like a domino/

He’s got that sinister smile/
And thinks he just might win the bet/
But he’s just hanging on/
Oh whey oh/
Dangling like Hunter’s cigarette/

Hunter types with their hookah pipes say/
Whey oh, whey oh, oh whey oh/
Walk like a Joe Biden/

And when he boards Air Force One/
He spins around and he hits the floor/
He’s got the moves/
Oh whey oh/
He hits the deck, then he hits some more/

All the Dems are so sick of Joe/
They really would like to see him end/
He sh** his pants/
Oh whey oh/
When he went to the Vatican/
All the kids in the DNC say/
Whey oh, whey oh, oh whey oh/

Slide your feet up the street, hump your back/
Stiffen your arms, don’t pull ’em back/
Life’s hard you know/
Oh whey oh/
When entering sun the Cadillac/

If you wanna know where it stops/
It ends in dementia and the cops/
They sing and dance/
Oh whey oh/
When finding the confidential docs/

Then they arrest all his men/
While Putin laughs in the Kremlin/
And the Chinese know/
Oh whey oh/
He’s owned by them and Ukrainians/

All the cops in the DOJ say/
Whey oh, whey oh, oh whey oh/
Walk like a Joe Biden/

Here are some of the many reactions to the video found online:

“I swear I laughed so hard I was crying and I still have a gut ache lol, Damn good job, you all nailed it.”

“This video deserves an Academy Award.”

“You convey the incompetence and allude to the corruption. This is a masterpiece.”

“Simply lovely parody, it’s a shame it so accurately depicts the physical state of our corrupt and demented figurehead of a president. It’s not going to get any better.”

“Notice that when he turns around to shake hands the Invisible Man left already! ”

“I grew up in the 80s and this parody ROCKS! You nailed it to the ‘T’ of how things are now!”

“Good stuff but the lyrics should have been ‘Way old, way old.'”

“This is EPIC … LOL … Didn’t make it 20 seconds and I was laughing so hard I had to restart it.”

“That shuffle he does will come in handy when he’s wearing leg irons.”

“The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m a Democrat and I approve this message.”

“You know, it’s hard for a mummy to become a comic but Joe Biden has somehow managed it.”

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