Just a week before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where former President Donald Trump is anticipated to be renominated, the GOP officially embraced a new platform emphasizing Trump’s significant influence on the party.

On Monday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) Platform Committee declared the adoption of the 2024 Republican Party Platform. The party sharply criticizes what it describes as the “record of weakness, failure, and dishonesty” of the current Biden administration. The platform reiterates Trump’s commitment to “America First” policies and sets the stage for his second term, aiming to starkly contrast with current governance.

The 2024 Republican Party Platform strongly critiques previous political leadership for engaging in trade deals detrimental to American interests and neglecting national security. According to the platform, this has contributed to a host of domestic issues. Echoing his 2016 campaign themes, Trump focuses on economic growth, job creation, and revitalizing American manufacturing. Additionally, Trump has charged the Biden administration with causing “raging inflation, open borders, rampant crime,” and a decrease in global stability, positioning these issues as central themes for his potential second term.

Major policy promises and priorities for a second Trump term include:

  • Sealing the border and halting the “migrant invasion.”
  • Carrying out the largest deportation operation in U.S. history.
  • Ending inflation and enhancing affordability for Americans.
  • Reclaiming the title as the top global energy producer.
  • Transforming the U.S. into a manufacturing superpower, curtailing outsourcing.
  • Implementing significant tax cuts for workers and eliminating taxes on tips.
  • Defending constitutional rights including freedom of speech, religion, and gun ownership.
  • Aiming to prevent global conflicts and promising to build a comprehensive missile defense system.
  • Overhauling federal educational funding to exclude schools that promote what the GOP considers radical ideologies.
  • Ensuring election security through measures like voter ID laws and same-day voting.

Trump Campaign Senior Advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said, “President Trump’s 2024 Republican Party Platform articulates his vision to Make America Great Again in a way that is concise and digestible for every voter.”

“While Joe Biden and Democrats argue about who will be at the top of their ticket and have implemented policies that have raised prices on everyday families, opened the floodgates to migrant crime via wide-open borders, shackled American energy with red tape forced by Washington bureaucrats, and sewn chaos across the world through weak foreign policy, President Trump will Make America Great Again through these America First principles,” they added.

“Only President Trump can restore our economy, restore our Southern Border, and restore America’s standing in the world,” RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump noted as well. “His 2024 Republican Party Platform is a bold roadmap that will undo the devastating damage that Joe Biden’s far-left policies have done to this country, power President Trump to a historic victory in November, and Make America Great Again.”

The Trump re-election campaign has also revealed plans for an event that will announce his vice-presidential choice. According to a campaign flyer, supporters are invited to a “Freedom First Event” during the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on July 18, where the vice-presidential nominee will be introduced alongside former President Trump.

The event is promoted as a high-profile fundraiser, with table prices for donations ranging from $200,000 to $300,000. Photo opportunities are available for $100,000, while a $5,000 donation includes a ticket to the reception.

Trump has masterfully kept the public guessing about his choice for a running mate. He has often hinted that the selection would be announced at the convention and confirmed that his chosen candidate was present at last week’s debate in Atlanta. Following the debate, notable figures from his shortlist appeared in the spin room, fueling further speculation.

These included Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota, Senator JD Vance (R-OH), Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Representatives Byron Donalds and Elise Stefanik, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, and Dr. Ben Carson. “Trump is looking for three things,” one Trump Campaign insider recently told the New York Post. “He’s looking for who can raise money, he’s looking for who is an effective surrogate on TV with adversarial media, and he’s looking at who will do the best job debating Kamala Harris.”

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