Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy remarked that President Joe Biden’s political career is likely over following last week’s horrendous debate and an ABC News interview with Democratic operative-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday.

Fox News guest host Kayleigh McEnany began the segment by highlighting that Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner is assembling a group of Democratic senators to push Biden to end his 2024 reelection bid after the first presidential debate. Kennedy then expressed skepticism to McEnany, stating that he was “not sure” Biden’s pre-recorded interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was impactful enough.

“I’m not sure, Kayleigh, that interviews like the president gave tonight matter much at this juncture. You can’t make this cat walk backwards,” Kennedy said. “People saw what they saw in that 90-minute debate, and I think most of them think that it’s only a matter of time before President Biden stumbles again because they understand that old age doesn’t get better, it gets worse.”

“Fairly or unfairly, I think most Americans have made up their minds,” he continued. “I think they have concluded that President Biden is old, that he is likely suffering from some form of neurodegenerative disease, that he’s suffered from for a while and that the White House and many members of the media industrial complex have covered it up and that cover-up has been toxic, in my opinion, for what it’s worth.”

“I think President Biden, politically, is as dead as fried chicken. He can now quit, he can be replaced — let me just finish my thought,” Kennedy said as McEnany began to respond. “Or he can run and lose. You can’t successfully run for president of the United States when your campaign slogan is, ‘I’m only senile some of the time,’ as one commentator pointed out today.”

McEnany agreed with Kennedy’s assessment of Biden and wondered aloud about the advice the president is receiving from his advisors. She mentioned that Biden denied his dropping poll numbers when questioned by Stephanopoulos. She then speculated whether Biden’s team is simply telling him what he wants to hear.

“You shouldn’t look to Washington, D.C. for wisdom or comfort at this difficult time. As you know, most people in Washington, D.C. will unplug your life support in order to charge their cell phone,” Kennedy said. “Most people in Washington, D.C. right now are worried about how the president’s problems are going to impact them personally. I’m more interested in what the American people think.” He went on to say that he finds no “joy” in discussing Biden’s decline, stating that it is “a difficult time.”

After his disappointing debate performance, Biden is facing a backlash from some influential members of his party, including a notable Disney heiress, who are considering withholding their financial support unless he decides to withdraw from the presidential race. Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, has publicly stated her intention to stop her financial contributions to the Democratic Party, a party she has long supported if Biden continues his candidacy. Despite these pressures, President Biden has stated his determination to stay in the race.

“I intend to stop any contributions to the party unless and until they replace Biden at the top of the ticket. This is realism, not disrespect. Biden is a good man and has served his country admirably, but the stakes are far too high,” Abigail Disney said to CNBC on Thursday. “If Biden does not step down the Democrats will lose. Of that, I am absolutely certain. The consequences for the loss will be genuinely dire.”

Other Democratic donors have made a similar commitment to withhold funding until Biden is replaced, but the president has said he has no intention of dropping out.

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