Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly believes that the Democratic Party elites are panicking due to President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. She thinks that following his poor debate performance, the party leaders are considering replacing him with a younger candidate.

“We are officially halfway through 2024…and the big question is whether President Joe Biden be the Democratic nominee by the end of this week? We know the media revolt against him is well underway. Paper after paper is suddenly reporting on the story that has been obvious to just about everyone with eyes and ears for months, and let’s be honest, years now. Joe Biden is struggling and his age has caught up with him. It’s not a pleasant story to report on. No one’s enjoying watching this. But we’ve been forced to by Jill Biden and the cabal around him and by the candidate himself,” she said on her Sirius XM podcast.

“We on this show reported on Joe Biden’s obviously faltering mental cognition more than two years ago, it was episode 339. We talked about it on the show before we did it saying, look, it feels kind of mean, it feels a little rude, but it’s a story, and not a lot of people were doing it back then. But that was at a time when the Democrats could still have realistically held a competitive primary… Many in the larger media and members of the president’s staff and family have been lying to you for a very long time…However now, in the wake of Biden’s disastrous debate performance, the media elite have woken up… and they are in full-on panic mode as they attempt to push out this president,” Kelly continued, as she read part of the piece from The New York Times editorial board calling for the president to step aside.

“Both The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal editorial boards did not go that far, but said bowing out should be seriously considered by the president… Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman at the New York Times…have called for Biden to step aside… Their colleague Ezra Klein who has been calling for an open convention since February took a victory lap… Mr. Biden’s favorite TV show host Joe Scarborough said ‘It was time for the president to consider leaving this race to help his party defeat Donald Trump,’” Kelly went on.

“And this didn’t come from just America… Britain’s largest current affairs magazine, ‘The Economist’ called on President Biden to step aside,” she said. “It’s not just the media…Democrat donors are unhappy too…and a call between the Biden campaign and a large group of them is scheduled for this evening.”


Kelly turned heads on Friday with a stunning prediction following Biden’s rocky first debate with former President Donald Trump after many believed the 45th president clearly won. Kelly reacted to the debate by questioning whether Biden could serve out his current term, much less serve another four years if he is victorious in November.

“I want to talk to you directly about what we just saw on stage in Atlanta. In my view, it is over for Joe Biden. His presidential campaign came to an end tonight, whether he knows it or not. There will be meetings tonight, first thing tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future among Democratic Party leaders about how to get him off the ticket,” she said.

“I want answers from all these top Democrats who have been telling us how robust he is behind the scenes. That is who I want to hear from most. You lied. Did you not think this moment was going to come? Did you think we would never see this? Why did you agree to put him out on the debate stage when you knew what the truth was and that we would eventually find it out for ourselves?” she asked.

“It is a dark day for this country. He is our leader. No one wants to see him embarrassed, but we embarrassed ourselves tonight. That is our president, and he could very well win a second term if the Democrats continue their lawfare and don’t do the responsible thing here,” she concluded.

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