Sen. Lindsey Graham did not mince words in a Sunday interview on CNN when he was asked about “retribution” against President Joe Biden and some of his Cabinet members, such as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, should Donald Trump win another term in November.

“The Democrats keep calling President Trump a felon. Well, be careful what you wish for. I expect there will be investigations of  Biden’s criminality at the border. If I am Mayorkas, I should be worried that somebody’s going to come after you because you’ve abused the parole statute,” Graham said.

“The Hunter Biden laptop, all 51 of the people who signed a letter saying the laptop was fake and Russian disinformation, I hope somebody looks at you because that’s election interference. So this country will have a resetting here, and using the Biden standard of glorifying political prosecutions…Pandora’s Box has been opened. What are the steps down or not accountabilities coming to him,” he added.

That led “State of the Union” host Dana Bash — who is married to one of the 51 who signed the document falsely suggesting that the Hunter laptop was “Russian disinformation” — to respond: “I want to get to a couple of important issues, sir, but you just warned of retribution.”

Graham replied: “Yeah I warned that the Pandora’s Box open by the Democrats is going to be applied here. There should be an investigation of Mayorkas and Biden for abusing the parole statute that led to the murder of Laken Riley. They let the accused killer out because of lack of capacity, they paroled him a legally.

“I think their criminality of the Biden border policies should be looked at. We should look at how people lie about the Hunter Biden the laptop being vague when it was real. Yeah, I expect people to look at that. You had a January 6 Committee looking at what happened on January 6. I hope there’ll be a committee looking at border policy policies that have led to the rape and murder of lots of Americans, people from 18 to 30 dying by Fentanyl pausing, coming to a broken border? Yeah, I hope that does happen,” he added.


On Biden’s first day in office, he reversed nearly all of Trump’s immigration and border security policies, which several Border Patrol and DHS officials have said made the border the most secure it has been in decades. Since then, millions — literally — of people have crossed illegally into the U.S., and many of them have been allowed to stay, having been released into the interior of the country with instructions to appear at an immigration court hearing that is years away (most won’t show up).

Previously, Graham tore into Biden over his mishandling of the southwest border.  Graham took the opportunity this week to rip Biden for refusing to act as Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allowed for quick return of migrants who crossed illegally during the pandemic, is likely to be dismissed soon. And he did not mince words.

“His policies are not working at the border, and Title 42 is about to expire. President Biden could reinstate Title 42 deportation authority with a stroke of a pen. Every Democrat voted against extending Title 42 in the Senate; every Republican voted for it,” Graham told Fox News.

“When Title 42 goes away as a deportation tool, you are going to double the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country in about a week. We are going to have 100,000 illegals coming across the border a week, in about a week, and he has done nothing to fix the problem; he has never been to the border. It is so unconscionable for him not to go to the border and listen to the agents and people trying to control the border, what life is like along our southern border,” Graham added.

“The fact that he doesn’t go shows to me he’s disconnected and he doesn’t give a damn. If he really gave a damn about what’s going on at the border — yeah, he doesn’t have to drop f-bombs at the White House,” he said, in reference to a book that claimed Biden was cursing at White House staff over illegal immigration in the early stages of his administration.

“Get your ass out of the White House and go to the border! Get your ass out of the White House and go to the border,” Graham demanded. He added that in 2022, “1.3 million people have crossed our border illegally, less than 70,000 have actually been deported this year. That is a record-low number.”

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