Arkansas GOP Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who served as one of former President Donald Trump’s press secretaries, has made a very interesting and bold prediction about the November election. In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, she said she believes her former boss will “crush” President Joe Biden despite a network poll released a day earlier showing Biden ahead of Trump — by five points — for the first time since October.

“I don’t actually put a lot of stock into national polls,” Sanders said, dismissing concern about a rebound for Biden. “I think the place that really matters is the issues that are driving voters, and they’ll ultimately pick their candidate of choice on. And when you look at both battleground polls and issues that drive voters – the economy, the border, national security – Trump is dominating in all of those. I still think this is his race.”

Polling indicates that men are predominantly favoring the former president, whereas white women with college degrees tend to support Biden. The former White House press secretary stated that Trump has been the “clear” frontrunner for the presidency in 2024 since his campaign launch, Fox News reported. Nevertheless, Sanders said: “I fully expect that he’s going to win and win big in November.”

Co-anchor Bill Hemmer asked whether either side could make the case in favor of their candidate based on the poll, citing the tight margins in 2016 and 2020. “I think it’s probably the first decent poll that Joe Biden has gotten in some time, and maybe it holds, and maybe it doesn’t,” Hemmer said. That led Sanders to once again dismiss the poll but then explain her reasoning.

“Democrats can certainly make an argument. It’s just not a very good one,” she said. “The big difference in this race that you have that is very different than anything we’ve seen in the past is that you have two people who have already served. … It’s not just what they’re talking about. They both have a record of service as president. One has a record of success.” For Trump, she said he could tout his economic policies, border security, peace deals abroad, and no new wars.

“Those are big, big contrasts. Because both of these people have been president, it’s a very different election in that sense,” she continued. “And the reason that people show up, and they cast their ballot, those are all places that Donald Trump is absolutely crushing Joe Biden. And I think that’s why he’ll crush him in November.”

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