Former President Donald Trump is widening his lead over President Biden in a swing state Trump won in 2016 and the latter won in 2020. According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, Trump is now 7 points up on Biden in Arizona.

According to a recent telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports, 47% of likely voters in Arizona would choose Trump if the election were held today, while 40% would vote for Biden. Nine percent (9%) would support some other candidate, and three percent (3%) remain undecided, the firm reported. In a five-way matchup including independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornell West, along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the race in Arizona would be closer. Trump would have 41% support, while Biden would have 37%. Kennedy would have 10% support, West would have 2%, and Stein would have 1%. Seven percent of voters would be undecided.

Meanwhile, in the contest to fill the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, likely GOP nominee Kari Lake trails Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego by a slender margin. In a head-to-head matchup, Gallego would get 44% of the vote to 41% for Lake, with five percent (5%) saying they’d vote for some other candidate and 10% undecided. Adding Green Party candidate Arturo Hernandez to the ballot makes the Arizona Senate race even closer, with 40% for Gallego, 39% for Lake, four percent (4%) for Hernandez, three percent (3%) for some other candidate and 13% undecided.

Meanwhile, in the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, likely GOP nominee Kari Lake trails Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego by a narrow margin. In a direct matchup, Gallego would receive 44% of the vote compared to Lake’s 41%, with 5% opting for another candidate and 10% remaining undecided. When Green Party candidate Arturo Hernandez is included on the ballot, the race tightens further: Gallego leads with 40%, followed closely by Lake at 39%, Hernandez at 4%, another candidate at 3%, and 13% still undecided, Rasmussen noted.

The Arizona primary is scheduled for July 30. Gallego is the presumed Senate candidate for the Democratic party and is not facing any challengers in the primary. On the Republican side, Lake’s main opponent in the primary is Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. Among likely GOP primary voters, 53% would vote for Lake, while Mark Lamb garners 28% support. Seven percent (7%) say they would vote for some other candidate and 12% remain undecided.

“Lake has been endorsed by Trump, and 44% of likely Republican primary voters say the endorsement makes them more likely to vote for Lake, while 21% say Trump’s endorsement makes them less likely to vote for Lake and 32% say the endorsement doesn’t make much difference,” Rasmussen reported.

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