The U.S. Navy is trying to bolster ship construction to counter China and, as such, has approved a new frigate design. It’s three years behind schedule, but the fact is, the frigate is a dedicated submarine hunter and is vitally needed by our maritime force. The Navy has ordered 10 of them and hopes to have the first one under construction very soon. That’s good; China’s rapid build-up of its own navy includes the deployment of newer nuclear-powered subs that our new frigates will be tasked with locating should, God forbid, we have to go to war against them.

According to published reports, each frigate should cost in the neighborhood of about $850 million. And while that’s not bad for a new warship design, it’s still a lot of money. But here’s the thing: Perhaps naval shipbuilding capacity could be enhanced further in our own country (the new U.S. Navy frigate, called the Constellation class, is being built by an Italian company) if the Pentagon wasn’t blowing so much money on things that are worse than frivolous — such as the more than $500 million awarded to a company to develop lab-grown meat, because…climate change.

“BioMADE, a Pentagon-funded company, proposed a plan to reduce the Military’s carbon footprint by feeding active members lab-grown meat, according to their project call release in May. BioMADE has received over $500 million in funding from the Department of Defense (DOD), according to the Washington Free Beacon. Several veterans told the Caller the proposal is indicative of the Pentagon viewing troops as ‘lab-rats,'” the Daily Caller reported Thursday.

One of the biggest reasons why recruitment is down in nearly all of the service branches under Joe Biden is the Pentagon’s incessant focus on woke, non-sensical things — like fake meat to “reduce our carbon footprint.” Now, add lab-grown meat to the mix and who thinks that’s going to be a recruitment driver?

Martin Bailey, a former U.S. Special Forces member, told the Caller: “I think the government should focus on letting the military protect our nation from enemies, foreign and domestic, sometimes, but you know, that’s what the military is there for. They’re not there to be experimental lab-rats.”

The outlet adds;

Lab-grown meat, or “cell-based meat,” is still in an experimental phase of development, only having received initial government approval for sale last year. The “meat” grown in a lab is composed of animal cells and added chemicals that aim to aid in the manufacturing of meat without animals being slaughtered, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

One veteran raised concerns about troops’ willingness to test the new dishes, pointing to previous experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There’s a large number of active reserve guard members who are still a little jaded from the COVID shot and are very unwilling to be part of the new experiment,” Tim W., a former Navy Seal of 22 years, told the outlet. No kidding; between fake meat, drag shows, same-sex marriage ‘recruitment’ ads, and Biden’s DEI service branch appointments, it seems as though there is a purposeful effort to weaken the U.S. militarily. The question is, why would any sane commander-in-chief want to do that?

For damn near the price of a new warship, Biden’s Pentagon is focused on developing fake meat for our troops. With the world on the brink of exploding thanks to his lack of foreign vision and leadership, I can’t think of a more misguided military mission than that.

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