Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) says he believes President Biden’s support is collapsing and that former President Donald Trump’s on a path for a historic finish in the November elections, despite his legal troubles and felony convictions. Gingrich joined Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier this week to discuss the election and how the former Speaker believes it will go.

“Charlamagne Tha God calling out Biden and the Democrats over their poor outreach, and now Barack Obama, he’s trying to step in and help out Joe, telling Internet influencers at a fundraiser over the weekend that he needs them to come out in favor of Biden. Don’t forget the free beer and birth control for young people. Pretty desperate,” Hannity said before bringing in Gingrich and discussing some of the latest polling showing Trump doing exceedingly well with historically Democrat voters like black Americans.

“Careening towards a historic performance among black voters the likes of which we’ve not seen in six decades. At this time in 2020, Donald Trump had 7 percent of the — of the African-American vote. Now he’s up to 21 percent,” Hannity said. “But here’s the worst part for Biden, is that if you look at his advantage, Biden’s advantage over Trump among Black voters under 50, that’s great, except he’s down 43 points from his 80-point lead among the same demographic at this point in the — in the 2020 campaign. Now, I don’t think every poll could be that off. Do you? Because this is dramatic.”

“Well, I mean, first of all, I think we shouldn’t assume that Black Americans are dumb or insensitive or incapable of learning. They’re looking at grocery store prices they can’t afford, and they know it’s Biden’s fault. They’re looking at millions of illegal immigrants coming into their neighborhoods, taking their jobs, threatening their families with violence, and they know Biden is responsible,” Gingrich began.

“You turn around, they know the schools aren’t working, despite all the money we pour into the teacher’s unions, and they know the Democrats are responsible. They look at big cities where Democrat after mayor — Democrat mayor after Democrat mayor is corrupt, incompetent, and incapable of serving their interest. So what you’re beginning to is a movement that says, you know, what have we got to lose by trying out Donald Trump,” he added.

“I think he will get a higher vote than any Republican since Eisenhower and may, in fact, exceed Eisenhower because the momentum for the next four months, I think, is all going to be in Biden — in Trump’s favor, as people talk to each other, Gingrich said. “You’ll notice — well, Trump is at 21, and people are saying, boy, that’s good. Biden has collapsed. The number of Dem — Black Democrats and, for that matter, Latino Democrats who are now undecided and potentially could switch to Trump are breathtaking, and that’s why you’re beginning to see places like Minneapolis.”

He concluded: “You know, I mean, Minnesota, the last poll, Trump’s up four. Well, if he carries Minnesota by any margin, he’s on the verge of a 1980 Ronald Reagan blowout of Jimmy Carter, and I don’t see practically how the Democrats offset reality.”

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