Former President Donald Trump is said to have narrowed his potential vice presidential picks to just a handful of candidates, and he himself has indicated he’s pretty much made up his mind who it’s going to be with an announcement expected next month at the Republican National Convention. But one of those potential picks has just dropped a major statement regarding the job.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Special Report,” Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) weighed in on the possibility that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would ask him to be his running mate for the November election. Vance said he had not been asked but suggested that if he were asked, he would say yes. “Could you imagine yourself behind the Resolute Desk as president?” FNC host Bret Baier asked. (see video below)

“Well, look, Bret, I think that’s ultimately — that’s Donald Trump’s choice, whether he selects me as vice president,” Vance replied. “My attitude is there is a lot that needs to happen in the United States Senate. I like being a senator, Bret. The president has not asked me. But if he does, I’d certainly let you know.” Baier responded: “Yeah, I mean, to just say, are you ready to be president on day one? That’s the biggest job for a vice-presidential pick, right? Could you be comfortable being president?”

“Look, Bret, I’ve seen a lot of people operate in politics, and I feel very comfortable with the fact that I could do the job,” Vance said. “But, look, you have to have some humility going into this, too. It’s a massive, massive job for anybody to undertake. I’m not auditioning for the job. I asked the people of Ohio to elect me to be a United States Senator,” said Vance.

“But, certainly, look, if Trump picks up the phone and calls you, the first sort of thought you have to have with yourself is, not just, could I be vice president, but could I stand ultimately in the big chair? And, look, if he asks me, I’ll think about it, but I think the answer is yes,” he indicated.

“Frankly, we’ve had way too many political insiders, Bret, who have done a very terrible job of governing this country,” he continued. “Some of them have had a lot of political experience. Some of them have had no political experience.

“And the final point I’ll say about that, Bret, is I know Trump very well. I like him. He’s in very good health. And so I think whoever he selects as vice president is going to have a real opportunity to be a very good vice president for the country for the next four years. And there are a lot of good people who could serve that job,” Vance added.


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