Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared to lose her composure and most of her reasoning power during a wild rant aimed at former President Donald Trump as he continues to garner more support from ordinary Americans, the billionaire donor class, and younger Americans who traditionally support her party.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, she accused Trump of being “wacky” and an “imposter,” arguing that the GOP and his family need to stage an “intervention” to keep him from running against Joe Biden again in this election cycle — which appears to indicate that Pelosi thinks Trump’s going to win.

At one point, she said that a “psychoanalysis” of those who continue supporting him is needed, with “some healthcare professionals” examining “them” to see what is going on. She said, “So if we’re going to do psychoanalysis of them, I think we have to have them in person, in front of some health care professionals.” Continuing, she called on Trump’s family to stage an “intervention” and for the GOP to do the same, telling O’Donnell, “But I do wish there would be an intervention from his family, assuming they love him beyond the resources, assuming that they love him, that they would intervene, that the Republican Party would have an intervention.”

Pelosi went on to claim that the Republican Party has become a “cult” to Trump — something conservatives accuse Democratic voters of, considering many are still supporting Biden despite his horrific term in office — going on to label him a “thug” (Democrats called Trump a ‘racist’ when he used the term) before disparaging the GOP again. She said, “They had become a cult to a thug, and that is really a tragedy for the grand old party and what they were.”

Pelosi then went on to accuse Trump of what her party actually does — using “projection” to deflect from their tendencies. She said, “Everything he says about somebody else, whether it’s a judge in the courtroom, a witness, a juror, a member of Congress, a woman, an opponent in an election — everything he says is a projection of his own shortcomings.”

Further, she alleged that Trump’s recent meetings with GOP legislators to discuss potential Trump Administration policies was a return “to the scene of the crime,” a seeming reference to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. She insisted, after repeatedly referencing that issue, “We cannot let this be whitewashed.”


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