At the Turning Point Action People’s Convention in Detroit, Mich., on Saturday, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) exclusively told Breitbart News that he firmly believes the stakes of the 2024 election are extremely high, but expressed confidence, stating that Republicans, particularly former President Donald Trump, hold the edge. He then went on to lay out a GOP victory plan that Republicans must implement to quickly put the country back on the right track.

“Number one, we need to win the White House, the House, and the Senate,” Scott said in an on-camera interview on Friday. “Here’s why. If we don’t win the White House, the border is not going to get secure—that’s number one. Number two is if we don’t have all three, we’re not going to get our spending under control. That means inflation never goes away. It gets worse and worse and worse. Interest rates will never come down,” he told the outlet.

“Next, if we don’t want to have a woke military, a weak military, we’ve got to have a president that cares about our military and a House and Senate that cares about our military. So you look at almost every issue we’re dealing with—the wokeness of our military, inflation, interest rates—it’s all going to be tied to winning these elections,” Scott, a former Florida governor, added.

“So if you think about a poor kid like me, I grew up in public housing and was born to a single mom, I grew up in a country where my mom could legitimately say you can be anything. If you can’t afford to put food on the table, if you can’t afford the rent, if you can’t afford gas for your car, if you can’t afford your car, it’s not a great life. That’s exactly where this country is, so if we want to have opportunity for everybody then we’ve got to win these elections,” he said.

Scott, along with most of his Senate GOP colleagues, attended a meeting with Trump at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) last Thursday and said the meeting was good. “First off it was uplifting and unifying,” Scott said. “President Trump is going to win. We all have to get out and do our part and we need to vote and get all our friends to vote and we need to be poll watchers and do all of those things.”

“But right now I believe President Trump is going to win this election. But he’s got to have a House and Senate that’s going to help him. He came together. He was very gracious to everybody and talked about the things he wants to accomplish. Everybody is unified that we want to help him accomplish those things because it’s a key to success for this country that every family have an opportunity,” he went on before explaining what GOP candidates must do to beat their Democratic opponents.

“Everybody knows Biden’s policies are bad. Republican, Democrat, or independent, they don’t want an open border,” Scott said. “They don’t want more drugs, they don’t want more criminals, they don’t want more terrorists. That’s number one. We’ve got to make sure everybody understands that Biden is doing it.”

“Biden had the opportunity to keep the border secure like Trump had it and decided not to. Around the country in every state they’re seeing the problems. They’re seeing the fentanyl deaths. They’re seeing the criminals that are coming. So, that’s number one. And everybody in this country is seeing inflation. So I think those two issues by themselves mean Trump’s going to win,” he said, adding that the key to victory is engaging every voter possible.

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