During her appearance on Fox News on Thursday, GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida boldly asserted that lawmakers are “hearing” that President Joe Biden will not be his party’s nominee.

Luna appeared as a guest on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to talk about the recent meeting between GOP lawmakers and former President Donald Trump. During the show, host Jesse Watters asked Luna about the policies discussed in the closed-door meeting. In response, she shared some of Trump’s ideas on foreign affairs.

“I think the number one issue that he has is, especially a concern for what’s happening right now with Russia, obviously,” Luna said. “There’s the media really silencing what’s happening with Russia — warships off the coast of Cuba and also Florida. But I think more importantly too, he made sure that the American people would know that what is currently happening in Ukraine and Israel would have never happened under him, and he does have a plan and solution moving forward.”

Luna then dropped a couple of bombshells regarding the political futures of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.  “I also want to point out that he understands that world leaders respect him, and right now, with currently what’s coming out of the White House that, you know, a lot of people realize that Joe Biden is likely not going to be the nominee,” she continued.

“Which is from what we’re hearing on Capitol Hill, [Republican California] Representative [Kevin] Kiley had reported that Kamala Harris [is] actually eyeing a run for California governor because of it,” she added. For his part, Watters appeared to know that already.  “Right, that’s the backup plan. So you are hearing also in D.C. that Joe Biden isn’t going to be the Democrat nominee?” he asked.

“Correct,” Luna responded. “It appears that our colleagues are trying to put guardrails on a 2024 presidential election with President Trump, and also what you are seeing is according to our polling, you know as well as I do that they have been trying to really paint Republicans as anti-woman, and they’re trying to push an abortion crisis right now with the election, and I don’t think that’s the case. A lot of the American people know that really this is a state rights decision and so I think that they know that they’re losing. It’s very evident at this point.”


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