Former President Donald Trump met with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club to discuss politics and strategy just five months before the election, according to lawmakers who spoke with the Daily Caller. House Republicans sang “Happy Birthday” to Trump as he entered the room, one day before he turns 78, and gifted him the game ball from the Republicans’ 31-11 victory in Wednesday’s Congressional Baseball Game before he spoke.

In his remarks, Trump joked that the Democrats’ outfield performance in the game was more helpful to Republicans than anything they could have done themselves. He also noted that The Washington Post’s readership had dropped by 50 percent, which was met with cheers. Trump then mentioned his plans to conduct 100 tele town halls for House candidates, referring to the tele town halls as a “secret weapon,” according to a source familiar with the discussion.

During the discussion, Trump made a comment about political operative Jeff Roe, saying that Roe performs surgery on candidates’ wallets. Roe supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ primary bid against Trump and received widespread criticism for raising significant funds without producing positive results, as reported by the DC.

The former president made a noteworthy comment about former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump recounted that Pelosi’s daughter suggested that he and Pelosi would have made a good pair if not for their political involvement. However, Trump humorously remarked that he believes Pelosi is much older than he is at 81.

Trump then criticized those who voted to impeach him, pointing out that all but one had been removed from office. The source told the Caller that Trump had missed Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse. Additionally, the potential 2024 candidate informed House Republicans that tariffs would be a top priority, the outlet continued.

Trump commented on the changes to the Republican National Committee (RNC), praising Michael Whatley and daughter-in-law Lara Trump for their transformation of the RNC. He mentioned selecting Whatley due to his performance as NCGOP Chair.

Since the changes, the RNC and the Trump campaign have experienced their most successful fundraising of the cycle yet, breaking their own donation website after Trump’s conviction in Manhattan. Trump then took questions and comments from attending House lawmakers. The Caller added that he will next meet with Senate Republicans at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

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