A Republican lawmaker from Texas did not let former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who was Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate and who now sits on the board of Fox News, get away with trashing the GOP’s likely nominee, former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) ripped Ryan after the former GOP leader announced that he would not be voting for his party’s presidential nominee in November. Ryan is “a piece of garbage” for targeting Trump just as the Republican leader continues to mount sizable leads over President Joe Biden in major polls, Nehls claimed.

“You’re a piece of garbage. You’re a piece of garbage, and we should kick you out of the party,” the Texas congressman said. “For Paul Ryan to say he’s not voting for Donald Trump, that’s the problem with some of our Republicans. It’s guys like that. Don’t go spouting your mouth off and saying you’re a conservative.”

Appearing on Fox Wednesday, Ryan – who sits on the network’s board of directors – was directly told by host Neil Cavuto that his viewers “do not like you.” Asked for his thoughts, the Wisconsin Republican said he doesn’t spend much time thinking about his critics. “I say I’ve been in politics a long time. I have really thick skin. I don’t think about that. I literally don’t think about it, no.” Asked if Fox News’ owners ever raise the issue of Ryan’s lack of popularity, he laughed and replied, “No.”

After rising in the Tea Party movement and running as Romney’s vice-presidential candidate, Ryan went on to serve as House Speaker, where he opposed the agenda of former President Barack Obama before clashing with Trump. The two eventually had a falling out, with Ryan labeling some of Trump’s remarks as “racist,” while Trump criticized Ryan for being insufficiently supportive of his agenda.

It’s clear that Trump backers like Rep. Nehls, who arrived in Congress two years after Ryan departed, still haven’t forgotten about Ryan’s past, to say nothing of his present criticism. “You’re spitting in the face of the leader of our party, Donald Trump. I mean, grow up a little bit,” he added.


“Ryan, a member of the Fox Corporation Board of Directors, will not vote for former President Donald Trump, he told Yahoo on Tuesday at the Milken Institute Global Conference,” Breitbart News reported in April. Ryan’s recent pledge is an attack on the America First movement. That same month, he praised House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for his leadership despite his actions leading to Democrats effectively taking control of the House.

Ryan said he will write in a Republican candidate, as he did “last time.” He did not specify any particular person. “Character is too important for me,” Ryan claimed. “[The presidency] is a job that requires the kind of character [Trump] doesn’t have.” He added, “Democracy is being tested in two very specific ways. One within, with our polarization eating each other alive.”

Ryan, who is also a vice chairman and partner at Solamere Capital, a private equity firm, noted further: “The second one is from [the outside], from authoritarian regimes who are basically saying they got the mojo, they can make the decisions faster, they can beat democracy.”

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