Former President Donald Trump is coming out on the winning end of a new report and survey regarding a key voter bloc ahead of the 2024 election. The same survey isn’t good news for his likely opponent, President Biden.

Voto Latino, an election advocacy group, conducted a poll of 2,000 Latino voters in five crucial states: Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, and Pennsylvania. The poll revealed that about a fifth of voters favored a third-party candidate. Although the poll indicates that Latino voters are withdrawing support from both Biden and former President Donald Trump, it will have a more significant impact on the Biden campaign, the Washington Examiner reported.

“One of the reasons Voto Latino went into the field to conduct this extensive poll of over 2,000 Latino voters in key battleground states was that we kept hearing the narrative Latinos were leaving the Democratic Party and going to Trump,” Voto Latino President Maria Teresa Kumar told the New York Times. “And that just didn’t make any sense, so we dug in deeper.”

“And what we found was that while they are in support of Biden’s policies, they are not in support of his perceived handling of the economy. As a result, we find that not only were people defecting and going to a third party, RFK being the principal one, but it was women/Latinas that were doing so,” she continued.

In a head-to-head match between Biden and Trump, Biden received 59% of the vote, while Trump got 39%. However, when Kennedy and two other third-party candidates entered the race, Biden’s support dropped by 12 points. With five candidates competing, Latino support for Biden decreased to 47%, Trump’s support dropped to 34%, and Kennedy garnered 12%. Jill Stein received 2% and Cornel West received 3%, leaving approximately 1% of voters undecided.

Other efforts show Trump gaining more ground among Hispanics. Trump’s campaign rebranded and launched its new Hispanic outreach organization during a political rally in Las Vegas on Sunday. The organization, which waited until five months before election day to launch, has changed its name from Latinos for Trump to Latino Americans for Trump. Jaime Florez, the Hispanic Communications Director for both the campaign and the Republican National Committee, announced this rebranding.

“It’s very important that we all understand that no matter where we’re coming from, we’re already American,” Florez said, according to a report published by NBC Latino ahead of the well-attended Sunday rally. “Whether you’re African American, Latino American, Asian American, European American, wherever you come from, we are all American.” The new name came about as a result of discussions during conference calls and meetings, he clarified.

“We as Latinos want to be treated as what we are. We are already American. This is our country,” Florez said. “We came here to stay, we came here to pursue our American dream, we have our families here, and we have our future in the United States … Trump gave us the opportunity to feel more united with the idea of working together to make America great again.”

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