President Joe Biden’s awkward appearance at Monday night’s Juneteenth celebration at the White House may reinforce recent polling that highlights voters’ concerns about his rapid decline. Standing stiffly among aides and key Black leaders who were clapping and dancing to music on the South Lawn, Biden exemplified what Rasmussen Reports found in its latest polling of likely voters. “Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline Is Real,” the outlet headlined in its latest survey.

Biden’s health is increasingly being scrutinized by social media accounts documenting his slurred speech and frequent factual errors. The latest trend involves comparing his speeches from a few years ago to those of today. According to a Rasmussen poll, 57% of respondents believe Biden is losing his mental sharpness. Even a third of Democrats concur that “President Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp,” along with half of Hispanic and Black voters. But despite possessing evidence and video from events like Monday night, the liberal media have largely refused to highlight Biden’s decline.


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Rasmussen stated that many voters believe the media is colluding with the White House and the Democratic Party to cover for Biden as he begins his reelection campaign. The pollster said 60% believe the “news media are helping cover up evidence of President Biden’s declining mental sharpness;” 37% of Democrats and higher proportions of black and Hispanic voters agreed, similar to the previous question.

Over 45 lawmakers and administration officials who spoke with the Wall Street Journal in recent months reported significant cognitive declines they have observed in President Joe Biden since he first took office. The revelations have caused a stir on Capitol Hill as White House officials rushed to gather support to challenge these descriptions as more Americans voice concerns about him serving another four years.

In private meetings, President Biden has occasionally lost his train of thought, relied heavily on notecards during negotiations, and once spoke so incoherently that attendees later asked one another what he was trying to convey. At 81, President Biden is the oldest person to occupy the White House and has been compelled to respond assertively to the widespread concerns among Americans about his potential second term.

While many of the sources who spoke with the Journal leaned Republican, the outlet also interviewed several Democrats who were initially critical of Biden but later received stern warnings from administration officials. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), a Democratic lawmaker with five terms in office, initially discussed  Biden’s declining mental sharpness with the outlet. Following this, the White House contacted Meeks, who then reached out to the media to modify his characterization of the meetings.

“They just, you know, said that I should give you a callback,” said Meeks, referring to the White House. Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the president, defended the intervention, stating, “We thought it was important that all perspectives be represented” to correct what he said were “false and politically motivated claims.”


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