A very large group of demonstrators surrounded the White House on Saturday afternoon and proceeded to set off flares and smoke bombs inside the complex, reports said.

The pro-Palestinian protesters chanted, “ceasefire now” and accused the Biden Administration of being complicit in genocide. This has become a common occurrence since the October 7 attacks. Protesters have stormed the White House complex on a handful of occasions since the attacks, sometimes clashing with police and knocking down exterior gates.

Video from Saturday’s protests, filmed by on-the-ground reporter Oliya Scootercaster, shows a large group of demonstrators wearing Palestinian flags assembling outside the main gate of the White House. Some protesters can be seen setting off flares and smoke bombs, which led to the quick intervention of the Secret Service personnel and D.C. Park Police.

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In a subsequent post, Scootercaster reported that the White House is now “completely surrounded” by protesters holding a large red banner, intended to symbolize their “red line.” Demonstrators erupted into loud cheers when both sides of the line joined together on the southwest corner of the White House complex. The majority of demonstrators were wearing red shirts as they chanted, “Free, free Palestine” and “Hold the red line!” One protester held a sign reading, “We got the guillotine, you better run!”

Footage recorded by on-the-ground reporter Ford Fischer shows D.C. Metro Police blocking off the protests at Penn Avenue, just ahead of Freedom Plaza, where the annual D.C. Pride March is expected to end later Saturday afternoon. Here’s the revised text:

A video from Blaze Media reporter Julio Rosas shows a group of protesters chasing Park Police and Secret Service personnel out of Lafayette Square after they apparently attempted to arrest someone. The crowd can be heard chanting “f**k the police” as the law enforcement personnel leave. Rosas reported that police are no longer inside the park nor the boundaries within the protest.

President Biden and his Democrat allies have faced significant backlash from pro-Palestine protesters due to the party’s support for Israel and their military operations in the Gaza Strip. Biden’s support for Israel has led to a number of protest votes in primary states, including Minnesota, New Jersey, Michigan and several others.

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