Former President Donald Trump has earned a reputation as a bit of a roast master, and his remarks targeting California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff during a conversation with famous television personality Dr. Phil further cement that title. In a video clip of the interview, Trump went on a twenty-second rant about the shape of Schiff’s head that many fans will find quite amusing.

A clip of the exchange was shared on the X platform. “Call him watermelon head. He’s got the thinnest neck I’ve ever seen how it holds up that head,” Trump told Dr. Phil. “He’s got a neck that’s about a size six; very unattractive guy, both inside and outside, and people say, oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say.” The former president then said, “That’s okay. Very unattractive guy. Here’s the thing, he’s a, these are bad people and it’s not easy to deal with.”

Schiff falsely — and repeatedly — claimed to have “evidence” of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia ahead of the 2016 election. He made dozens of appearances on cable news outlets, usually far-left networks like CNN and MSNBC, to echo the claim, but he never produced the promised evidence.

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Meanwhile, recently polled Republicans are now in favor of allowing convicted felons to become president, with more than triple the percentage now saying so from a similar poll in April. On May 31, YouGov conducted its first poll on the political support of felons following the conviction of fTrump. The sharp rise in support is both stunning and not at all surprising.

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Given the controversy surrounding the Trump hush money trial and his conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records, it is reasonable to assume that Republican voters who perceive the former president as a victim of the “witch hunt” given the raft of Democrat-inspired cases and charges filed against him as he prepared to formally announce another run for the White House last fall.

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