After a tumultuous year, Candace Owens announced the relaunch of her podcast series on Thursday. The series is now simply titled “The Candace Podcast” and the move follows her departure from The Daily Wire due to a public fallout with co-founder Ben Shapiro over her comments concerning the Israel-Hamas war.

The new podcast is scheduled to debut on Monday, June 10, and promises to provide the unapologetic commentary Owens is known for. In a tweet, Owens stated, “GREAT NEWS! The wait is finally over. The Candace podcast returns this upcoming Monday, June 10th. Because warriors don’t submit to the whims of self-imposed god-kings.” She also encouraged her audience to subscribe to her newly launched YouTube channel. The post was accompanied by the iconic “This is Sparta!” scene from the movie ‘300.’


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Owens’ departure from The Daily Wire became embroiled in controversy following her critical comments about Israel’s military actions, which were considered by many of her colleagues to be outside the bounds of acceptable conversation. These remarks triggered a flurry of public back-and-forths between Owens and Shapiro, ultimately leading to her exit from the platform. Despite the acrimonious split, Owens characterized her departure as a release, proclaiming herself “finally free” to engage in her projects without limitations.

Owens has suggested that her upcoming episodes will explore various subjects such as political correctness, media bias, and social justice—topics on which she has previously ignited substantial discussion and controversy. Her method continues to strike a chord with a portion of the American populace that feels overlooked or misrepresented by mainstream media.

Her new platform seems to be part of a strategy to build her independent media presence, distancing herself from the limitations of traditional outlets. The announcement of her podcast’s return was met with enthusiasm from her supporters, who see Owens as a bold voice in conservative media.

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