“Article III Project” founder Mike Davis has chastised Republican attorneys general, district attorneys, and lawmakers to step up and fight back against Democrat-led “lawfare” efforts against Donald Trump during an interview with “War Room” host Steve Bannon.

The host first played a clip of Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley criticizing the so-called “hush money” case where Trump was convicted last week of 34 counts that many legal experts believe were essentially fabricated by Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who campaigned on a platform to ‘get Trump.’

Bannon said after the clip before bringing in Davis: “This is why we need the Republicans, every Republican Attorney General in the country, and every Republican district attorney in the country. All of the House of Representatives and the Senate ought to be on fire on this topic right now. They are leaving Trump hanging out to dry. This is one of the biggest outrages I’ve ever seen in the country, they have got for the first time in the history of this Republic, this is how irresponsible they are. They have a president.”

Davis responded: We’ve been talking about this for 20 months, Steve, since the Mar-a-Lago raid. Where the hell are these Republican politicians? Where the hell are these House Republicans, who actually have subpoena power who have oversight power, who are committee chairmen, who can cut off their funding? Where the hell are these state AGs who can open their own investigations? Where the hell are other Republican politicians?

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“Why is it that the Article III project was the lonely voice with very few others, with Tom Fitton and very few others, for the first six months after the Mar a Lago raid?” he continued. “These Republicans thought that they were going to take out Trump with this lawfare, the Democrats were going to take out Trump with this lawfare, Trump was going to go away, and everything was going to go back to normal. These Republicans need to wake up.”

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Davis added:

First, Trump’s the nominee, right? He’s the nominee. Get behind him right now. But second, do you really think that these Democrats are going to stop if Trump goes away? Are you that stupid? Are you that naive?

They’re going after not only Trump, and his top aides like Bannon and Navarro and his lawyers, they’re going after January 6th defendants. It’s not just the ones who were violent on January 6th, they’re going after grandmothers who trespassed and took selfies. They’re going after parents outraged by gender chaos and the resulting rapes in high school bathrooms. They’re going after Christians, little old ladies and old men praying outside of abortion clinics while they give amnesty to BLM to Antifa, to Hamas, to abortion activists, to trans terrorists, terrorizing Catholic churches.

Wake up, Republicans. We’ve been calling for House Republicans to do Andrew Clyde’s rider to cut federal funding for this lawfare. It didn’t happen. Not only did they not do these ride, they fully funded the Biden Justice Department. They fully funded this lawfare. Wake up, Republicans. What the hell are you doing?


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