U.S. House Republicans, led by Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), have introduced legislation to remove federal funding from special counsel Jack Smith’s two cases against former President Donald Trump.

In a letter to House Appropriations Chair Tom Cole (R-OK), the House Judiciary Committee chair proposed reforms to the 2025 federal budget that include, among other items, prohibiting funding for “politically sensitive investigations” or the implementation of “radical regulations.” Newsweek noted that Jordan specifically requested a denial of funding for “a criminal prosecution against a former or current President or Vice President” by the Department of Justice.

Smith, appointed by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, is overseeing two federal cases against President Trump. These cases are related to the 2021 riots at the Capitol and his possession of classified documents. Additionally, there is a separate trial in Georgia regarding election interference that has been the focus of Jordan’s fiscal reforms.

In the letter, the Ohio Republican asked that Cole prevent the direction of funds “to be used, to consult, advise, or direct state prosecutors and state attorneys general in the civil action or criminal prosecution of a former or current President or Vice President brought against them in state court.” In a post on X, Jordan’s committee added that his letter contains “legislative proposals to DEFUND lawfare by Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg, and Letitia James.”

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In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing state and federal investigations regarding the use of federal funds by her office in the prosecution of Trump and 18 codefendants for their alleged attempt to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.  Jordan recently stated that he had obtained testimony from a whistleblower and former employee of Willis’s office who claimed that she diverted anti-gang funds to support her investigation into Trump.

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The House has until September 29th to finalize a budget for the new fiscal year. However, negotiations with the Senate and the potential for Biden to veto the budget will impact this timeline. The White House provided its recommendations for the bill in March, and it will be difficult to convince Biden to approve any language that excludes funding for Smith.

Following President Trump’s New York conviction in his hush-money case,  Jordan called the decision a “travesty of justice” and a way “to keep President Trump off the campaign trail and avoid bringing attention to President Biden’s failing radical policies.” He has previously traveled to Manhattan to defend the former president outside the courtroom.

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