Sen. Marco Rubio dropped a truth bomb about how he believes Democrats will respond to a Donald Trump victory in the November presidential election, and it does not bode well for the country’s future. The Florida Republican was appearing as a guest on Fox News’ “Hannity” when he told the host, Sean Hannity, that he believes Democrats will attempt to negate the victory and blame it on “insurrection.”

The segment began with Hannity playing a clip of Rubio appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where anchor Kristen Welker pressed him on whether he would accept the election results no matter what. Rubio stated that he wasn’t going to issue a blanket statement now because he has no idea what will happen later this fall regarding fairness, election irregularities, and the like, obviously sensing that it was a “gotcha” question asked by the host.

Rubio then went on office, pressing Welker to ask the same question of her Democratic guests after many of them spent years denying Republican presidential victories and claiming that those wins were the result of nefarious outside sources. He then told Welker that a growing number of Democrats are saying they won’t certify Trump’s victory if he wins because “he’s an insurrectionist.”

After Hannity played several clips of Democrats claiming Trump’s election win was “illegitimate” and not real, Hannity addressed those comments as well as Rubio’s prediction.

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“Republicans don’t go in prepared. And it is a hostile environment. People don’t even watch those Sunday shows anymore. The days of Brinkley and [Tim] Russert, they’re long gone. And people aren’t even watching those Sunday shows like they used to. And I just love the fact, when you go on, you don’t take their crap,” he said.

“Well, I mean, the premise is something that needs to be challenged because the truth is most people have forgotten they did all of that. It is not widely reported. There certainly wasn’t a string of repeated interviews in which every Democrat is asked this question,” Rubio began.

“But I think we need to understand what is happening this very moment. There are Democrats running right now that are toying with the idea that there was a piece in the Atlantic, there were people that didn’t comment on it,” he said. “Some are toying with this whole notion that if Trump wins, they will refuse to certify because they are going to argue that he is an insurrectionist and therefore ineligible to hold office, and that will be grounds to throw out the electors of these states and so forth. They are already talking about that.”

He added: “So I think it is important to point out, they should be the ones that are asked. I believe, if I am not mistaken, I would say 12, maybe 13 Democrats have appeared on ‘Meet the Press’ in the last year under this host. Not a single one of them has been asked the question of whether they will accept the election if Trump wins, no matter what.

Rubio concludes: “They are not asked that question. They need to be asked that question, because they’re the ones as you said at the outset they have challenged, they have disputed the credibility and the legitimacy of every Republican presidential win since 2000.”


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