Federal prosecutors disclosed evidence Monday evening that they plan to present in an upcoming trial to support their accusation that first son Hunter Biden falsely stated his drug usage on a federal gun purchase form in 2018. This evidence includes 75 pages of text messages that document his battle with addiction.

Ahead of the trial, set for June 3 in Wilmington, Delaware, the prosecution outlined to the judge the evidence they would introduce and the witnesses they intended to call, which included several women with whom he had relationships. The text messages in the filing reveal discussions about his efforts to get sober, explicit references to drug use, and images of drugs or him using crack, The Daily Caller reported.

“I was sleeping on a car smoking crack on 4th street and Rodney,” Hunter Biden wrote in one October 14, 2018 message. The day before, October 13, 2018, he wrote he was “off MD Av behind blue rocks stadium waiting for a dealer.” Witnesses in the prosecutors’ filing appear to include Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau Biden, and Kathleen Buhle, his ex-wife, although they are not named explicitly.

Other witnesses will include former Delaware State Police Lieutenant Millard Greer, who will testify about how he recovered Hunter Biden’s gun from the man who found it in a trash can and an employee of Starquest Shooters who sold the gun to Hunter Biden.

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“In sum, his conduct and admissions evidence his knowledge that he was a user of crack at the time he purchased the gun and while he possessed the gun before it was taken from him,” prosecutors wrote. “His conduct and admissions also evidence his knowledge that he was a crack addict in 2018 when he bought the gun and possessed it.”

In September, President Biden’s son was indicted by special counsel David Weiss on three felony gun charges. His legal team has moved to dismiss the case, citing several issues: constitutional concerns with the indictment, a violation of the terms of a pretrial diversion agreement from a previously unsuccessful plea deal, the unlawful appointment of the special counsel, and claims that Hunter Biden is being subjected to vindictive and selective prosecution.

The attorneys asked the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday to pause the trial and reconsider a panel ruling denying his request to dismiss the case.

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