Geraldo Rivera has stirred controversy on social media, though not necessarily in the way one might anticipate. His recent comments regarding former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York City have unexpectedly shifted perspectives, garnering support from individuals who usually criticize his views.

Renowned for his colorful career, Rivera went on X to critique Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s approach to the New York case involving the former president. “Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has grossly inflated the criminal liability facing Donald Trump,” Rivera, who went to law school, tweeted. “At worst this should be a single misdemeanor, not 34 felonies. Each document does not amount to a separate crime. They are overt acts to bring about a single alleged minor crime.”

His commentary comes during intense courtroom proceedings, where Trump’s defense team continues its vigorous cross-examination of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney. The defense aims to undermine Cohen’s credibility, as he has turned against Trump since leaving his employment. Over two grueling days, Cohen detailed the alleged hush money scheme involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, attempting to directly link these payments to Trump and his directives.

The responses to Rivera’s tweet mirrored the tense atmosphere of the courtroom. Liberals voiced their dismay and surprise, struggling to reconcile Rivera’s remarks with the seriousness they attribute to the charges.

“Geraldo…. Really?” one user wrote. Another user chimed in at Rivera, parroting Bragg’s opinion on the matter: “Pecker & Trump covered up information that the public should have been able to see before they voted for a person who will have a direct effect on the quality of their lives, and you see nothing wrong with that. Which is not surprising being you spent your life in public view too.”

However, Rivera’s position reflected the increasing belief among many that the legal proceedings against Trump are part of a broader, more sinister effort to keep him from seeking office again.

These views were echoed in comments from other X users, one who responded, “The alarm bells are starting to go off. Dems realize they screwed up.”

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