Brad Parscale, renowned for his pioneering strategies in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign triumph, is once again leaving his imprint on Trump’s team following a highly publicized setback. This time, Parscale has unveiled a groundbreaking tool — advanced artificial intelligence (AI) — hailed as a ‘secret weapon’ for Trump’s 2024 electoral endeavor.

Parscale, the mastermind behind Trump’s digital strategy in 2016, is reemerging after a hiatus from the political spotlight. Through a fresh initiative, Parscale is leveraging AI’s potential to craft personalized voter engagement on an unparalleled scale.

In a bold fusion of artificial intelligence and conservative determination, Parscale’s Campaign Nucleus has risen as a formidable force, designed to craft customized emails, navigate extensive data to identify swing voters, and amplify the voices of “anti-woke” perspectives online. These insights stem from a comprehensive examination by the Associated Press of Parscale’s public statements, supplemented by a wealth of previously undisclosed documents from his firm. “I pretty much used Facebook to get Trump elected in 2016,” Parscale explained back in a 2022 interview.

According to The Associated Press:

Soon, Parscale says, his company will deploy an app that harnesses AI to assist campaigns in collecting absentee ballots in the same way drivers for DoorDash or Grubhub pick up dinners from restaurants and deliver them to customers. Parscale was a relatively unknown web designer in San Antonio, Texas, when he was hired to build a web presence for Trump’s family business.

That led to a job on the future president’s 2016 campaign. He was one of its first hires and spearheaded an unorthodox digital strategy, teaming up with scandal-plagued Cambridge Analytica to help propel Trump to the White House…

After Trump’s unexpected victory in the previous election, Parscale’s importance within the campaign grew significantly. He was promoted to manage Trump’s re-election campaign and gained a lot of attention. Parscale himself became somewhat of a celebrity, standing tall at 6 feet and 8 inches with a Viking-style beard. He was often seen taking selfies with supporters at campaign rallies, as well as signing autographs.

AI is reshaping political campaigns by revolutionizing strategy implementation. A significant area of influence lies in targeted advertising, where AI analyzes extensive voter data, including behavior and preferences. This allows campaigns to craft personalized ads for each voter, drawing from demographics, browsing history, and other sources. Such technology enables the delivery of messages likely to resonate with individuals, potentially boosting voter engagement and turnout.

And Parscale’s effort comes following an executive order signed in 2021 by President Joe Biden shortly after taking office. Conservatives say it was designed with significant input from left-wing organizations to politicize every federal agency and turn it into a Democratic voter registration machine.

According to campaign finance records, since last year, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and affiliated political action and fundraising committees have compensated Campaign Nucleus and other firms associated with Parscale with over $2.2 million, as reported by The Associated Press. In a similar vein, the Biden campaign and Democrats are also utilizing artificial intelligence. Their main focus is on pinpointing and mobilizing voters, as well as identifying and countering misleading content more effectively.

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