Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey presented what he says is evidence linking the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden to Democratic prosecutors at the local and state levels who were prosecuting former President Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, Bailey, a Republican, stated that his office would file a Freedom of Information Act request with the DOJ. The request seeks to uncover “activity and/or communications between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith or Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis related to the investigation or prosecution.” He pointed to Matthew Colangelo’s transition from being the third-highest ranked official at the DOJ to Bragg’s office, where he assisted in prosecuting Trump in his hush money trial. The trial, involving the former president, continued into its 14th day on Friday.

“I am demanding the DOJ turn over communications relating to the illicit prosecutions of President Trump. This includes communications between the DOJ and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, New York AG Leticia James, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis,” Baily noted on the X platform in a thread. “Thanks to evidence that has come to light, my office has reason to believe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is the headquarters of the illicit prosecutions against President Trump.”

“The investigations and subsequent prosecutions of former President Donald J. Trump appear to have been conducted in coordination with the United States Department of Justice. This is demonstrated by the move of the third-highest ranking member of the Department of Justice, Matthew Colangelo, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in order to prosecute President Trump in December 2022,” he continued.

“In addition, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg worked alongside New York Attorney General Letitia James in pursuing civil litigation against former President Trump, using that experience as a springboard from which to campaign for his current position,” he wrote. During that campaign, Bragg promised ‘if elected, [he] would go after Trump. Once he won election, he pledged ‘to personally focus on the high-profile probe into former President Donald Trump’s business practices.’

“Given the timing (Bragg charged Trump only after he declared his candidacy for President), the weakness of the charges, and the charges keeping Trump off the campaign trail, there is substantial reason to suspect @POTUS has coordinated with Bragg and others to prosecute Trump. Missourians have the right to know to what extent the prosecutions of a prominent presidential candidate are being coordinated by the federal government, which is currently run by President Trump’s principal political opponent,” Bailey concluded.

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Bailey said, “By bringing frivolous suits not supported by the facts or the law, [and] number two because they are politically motivated in violation of their canons of professional conduct. We know that Matthew Colangelo was a top Biden official at Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice and has now gone to work for and is leading the prosecution of Alvin Bragg’s office.”

Kudlow suggested that Bide’s DOJ would slow-walk producing the demanded documents. “We aren’t going to let them,” Bailey responded, “because at the end of the day, we need these records to be able to shine the light of truth and transparency on the level of collusion and these politically motivated witch hunts.”


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