A stunning new report says that President Biden is allegedly doing something that got former President Donald Trump impeached by a Democrat-controlled Congress.

The report seems to substantiate previous assertions that the Biden administration has refrained from supplying arms to Israel as a means of signaling disapproval regarding Israel’s actions in Rafah to combat Hamas terrorists. Breitbart News reported earlier this week that other publications claimed the US had been withholding aid. Israel denied any delay, but the White House gave a noncommittal reply to reporters’ questions during a briefing on Monday. However, reported Tuesday that the claims appear to have been correct, and referred to specific “smart” bomb:

The Biden administration is holding up shipments of two types of Boeing-made precision bombs to send a political message to Israel, according to a U.S. official and six other people with knowledge of the deliberations.

The U.S. has yet to sign off on a pending sale of Boeing’s Joint Direct Attack Munitions — both the munitions and kits that convert them to smart weapons — and Small Diameter Bombs, according to six industry and congressional sources with knowledge of the discussions.

The munitions were ready to be shipped to Israel when word of the hold came down, said one senior congressional aide and two other people familiar with the incident. A third person, an industry official, said the administration told Boeing to halt the shipment since the approval was held up for “political reasons,” and not because of supply chain strain.

In 2019, Democrats impeached then-President Donald Trump on allegations of withholding security funds from Ukraine for political purposes, despite the funds being eventually released and no conclusive evidence of a “quid-pro-quo.” In contrast, the Biden administration is currently withholding crucial munitions amid an ongoing conflict against a terrorist organization and other extremist groups on multiple fronts, including attacks from their Iranian backers, Breitbart pointed out.

Biden recently approved billions of dollars in fresh military aid to Israel. Initially proposed several months ago, the legislation was delayed, with Biden linking it to other priorities such as funds for Ukraine. “Israel entered Rafah on Monday after Hamas attacked a humanitarian aid crossing and refused to agree to terms for a hostage release deal. The last four Hamas battalions are said to be in Rafah along with the remaining Israeli hostages,” Breitbart added.

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