Rep. Maxine Waters has become the latest Democratic lawmaker to issue dire, factless threats about what she says will happen in America if Donald Trump wins the presidency again in November, which many polls suggest he is likely to do as the nation flounders under President Joe Biden and the world becomes more unstable.

Waters said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that the Department of Justice should investigate “right-wing organizations” who supported former President Donald Trump “training up in the hills” for a civil war — all without providing one shred of evidence to support the wild, bizarre claim.

“You cannot trust anything that Donald Trump has to say. No matter if he loses, he is going to say it was fraud. He still has not accepted what happened in the last presidential election. We have to be very concerned about a former president of the United States talking about attacking his own country, talking about perhaps a bloodbath, talking about perhaps there is going to be trouble,” she began.

“He said it in so many different ways we should take him seriously. This man does not believe in the Constitution. He wants to be a dictator. This is a dangerous human being. We have to know what our country is going to do to protect us from him,” she said.

“I will tell you what I’m gong to do. I’m going to ask the Justice Department and I am going to ask the president to tell us what they are going to do to protect this country against violence if he loses. I want to know about all of those right-wing organizations that he is connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting, you know, what communities they are going to attack. We need to know now. Given he is telling us there is going to be violence if he loses, we need to know what his plan is and how we are going to be protected,” she went on.

“We know that there are people aligned who are with him who follow him who are already practicing what their government is going to be under Trump. Not only are they planning on a civil war if they have to do that, but he is spelling it out specifically how and what they are going to do and how he is going to get revenge, how he is going to attack his enemies, all of these things,” she said. “When he talks about race, we know, and I’m going to tell you again today, Donald Trump is a pure racist. I am worried that the attack is going to be on people of color.”

Again, Waters provided no proof or evidence to substantiate the accusations she was making, nor did she address the very real violence currently taking place on college and university campuses all around the country directed against Israel — all of which is being fomented by far-left factions, not ‘MAGA’ and not conservatives aligned with the Republican Party. She has, however, joined a long and growing list of Democrats who have claimed Trump will become a Nazi-like “dictator” should he win the presidency, even as President Joe Biden is allowing his Justice Department to prosecute his chief political rival.

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