Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina rebutted NBC host Kristen Welker on Sunday after she challenged him with what was nothing more than a future “gotcha” question regarding his commitment to accepting the results of the 2024 presidential election.

Scott appeared on “Meet the Press” to discuss the impending race between President Joe Biden and presumptive GOP nominee former President Donald Trump. Given speculation about Scott being on Trump’s shortlist for his vice presidential pick, Welker asked the GOP senator about his interest in being considered, highlighting the “fundamental difference” between Scott’s and Trump’s beliefs regarding the 2020 election results, the Daily Caller reported.

“There are clear facts here. President Trump himself said he expects this election to be fair. He expects it to be honest, and he expects to win. That’s what the presidential candidate should expect. I expect the exact same thing. Frankly, the American people agree with him. This is an issue that is not an issue. I’m not going to make it an issue,” Scott stated.

“Well, senator, will you commit to accepting the election results of 2024, bottom line?” Welker questioned.

“At the end of the day, the 47th president of the United States will be President Donald Trump. I’m excited to get back to low inflation, low unemployment —” Scott stated. “Wait, wait senator, yes or no? Will you accept the election results of 2024 no matter who wins?” Welker interjected.

“That is my statement,” Scott noted. “Just yes or no. Will you accept the election results of 2024?” Welker pressed. “I look forward to President Trump being the 47th president. You can ask it multiple times, Kristen. But —” Scott stated. “Senator, just a yes or no answer,” Welker jumped in.

Scott remained steadfast in his assertion of optimism regarding a potential second Trump administration. Nevertheless, Welker persisted in pressing the GOP senator about his commitment to this year’s election cycle.

“The American people will make the decision, and the decision will be for President Trump,” Scott stated.

“I don’t hear you committing to the election results. Will you commit to accepting the election results?” Welker asked again.

“Here is the deal — This is why so many Americans believe that NBC is an extension of the Democratic Party. At the end of the day, I’ve said what I’ve said. I know that the American people, their voices will be heard. I believe that President Trump will be our next president. It’s that simple,” Scott pushed back.

“But senator, as you know, the hallmark of our democracy is that both candidates agree to a peaceful transfer of power. I’m asking you as a potential VP nominee, will you accept to commit to the election results in this election cycle no matter who wins? Just simply yes or no,” Welker responded.

“I expect President Trump to win the next election. Listen, I’m not going to answer your hypothetical question when in fact, I believe the American people are speaking today on the results of the election. If it continues for the next six months, we find ourselves in a great position where we get back to another century of American prosperity. I’m looking forward to that,” Scott stated.

Trump has repeatedly stated it was there and independent investigations have suggested there is evidence to suggest it as well. But no courts of law that heard election fraud cases found any evidence of it following the 2020 election.

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