Adult film star Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has made another gigantic statement about former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan that actually has the potential to change its course.

Michael Avenatti, the ex-lawyer of Stormy Daniels, currently incarcerated in California, targeted attorney Keith Davidson, a pivotal witness in President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial, alleging deceit this week. Avenatti accused Davidson, who negotiated the $130,000 payment to Daniels, of lying regarding his role in the purported extortion plot against Trump in a social media post on X.

Avenatti asserted that Daniels admitted to their participation in pressuring Trump back in 2016. In court, Davidson presented his account concerning the payment facilitated by Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, to Daniels. The payment allegedly aimed to silence Daniels regarding an alleged affair with Trump, a claim he strongly refutes and she also denied in a 2018 statement.

According to Davidson’s testimony, Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump. Davidson also spoke about Karen McDougal, another client who was paid $150,000 by the parent company of the National Enquirer to keep her story under wraps. However, the story was never published.

Avanatti noted on the X platform: “Keith Davidson is lying. After I confronted her w/ her own text msgs, Daniels admitted to me in early 2019 that she & Davidson had extorted Trump in Oct. 2016 – it was a shakedown. This was one of the many reasons I fired her as a client in Feb. 2019.”

In court Davidson recounted Cohen’s alleged frustration over not being taken to Washington despite his deep involvement in Trump’s business, saying, “Jesus Christ, can you f*cking believe I’m not going to Washington, after everything I’ve done for that f*cking guy?”

The testimony delved deeper into the tumultuous aftermath following the public revelation of the payments to Daniels in 2018. Davidson detailed Cohen’s vigorous efforts to control the narrative, such as issuing forceful responses to media inquiries and threatening legal action against Daniels. Meanwhile, Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing or association with Daniels and McDougal.

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