A stunning new survey released on Friday has many political observers believing that former President Donald Trump is set to “blow out” President Joe Biden in November, especially if the numbers remain even remotely the same.

“Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden has nearly doubled in the new Rasmussen Reports poll, and could go even higher after today’s unexpected jump in unemployment. The latest 2024 election numbers shared with Secrets had Trump at 46%, Biden at 36%, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 9%,” the Washington Examiner reported. The outlet added that Trump led Biden by 6 points in the same survey last month.

In a five-person race that included two other unlikely candidates, Trump has increased his lead over Biden to 12 points, with 48% of likely voters supporting him compared to Biden’s 36%. The new survey indicates that Trump has gained support from both Biden and Kennedy’s supporters.

Additionally, the survey shows that Trump has maintained his popularity among black voters, a demographic that typically votes for Democrats at a rate of 90% or higher. According to the survey, Trump’s support from black voters was at 21%, while Biden’s was at a low 61%.

Although the survey analysis does not specify the reasons for Trump’s surge, the findings coincide with a week where he has seized attention by holding daily press conferences outside the court during a New York City hush money trial. These events have received extensive coverage from the media, particularly left-leaning TV networks like CNN. Additionally, Trump has intensified his focus on his second-term agenda, articulating his plans to supporters of the MAGA movement should he reclaim the White House, the Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration has been grappling with economic challenges, including inflation and public discontent over rising prices. Additionally, his Middle East policies have sparked widespread campus protests, further impacting his political standing. Rasmussen’s national poll aligns with others indicating Trump’s lead in crucial battleground states crucial to determining the final election outcome. Moreover, it underscores the trend of Biden’s recent surge in popularity waning, said the outlet.

“It is notable that Rasmussen’s model uses a sample percentage very close to the outcome of the 2020 race. And that means it includes a slightly higher percentage of Democrats. In this poll, 35% of those surveyed were Democrats, 33% were Republicans, and 32% were independents,” the Examiner reported. “The survey also asked about voter enthusiasm and found that 71% of likely voters are excited about voting in November. Democrats, however, aren’t as enthusiastic as Republicans, 71%-81%.”

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