Former top presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway said on Friday that if a stunning new poll in blue state New York is even “half-right,” then President Joe Biden is in serious trouble ahead of the November election — but it’s great news for her former boss, Donald Trump.

During a segment with another former Trump official, economist and Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, Conway referenced polling data indicating that the presumed GOP nominee was close to surpassing President Joe Biden in traditionally Democratic-leaning New York.

“What is going on is that Trump is actually expanding his coalition, core constituency, looks, feels different, larger and more diverse than in the past, 2016 and 2020. Why, Larry?” she said. “It includes more union households than in 2016 when that helped us win in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio.

“It includes more Hispanics and African Americans. It includes more women. Excuse me, he beat the queen bee herself, the would-be first woman president, while the majority of the voters were female. We’ve been the majority of the electorate since 1964. Even if he gets 4 percent more, 3 percent more,” she added.

“That New York Times/Sienna poll showing Biden leading Trump in New York by 10 points, where Biden won by 23 last time. If it is half right, Biden is in trouble,” Conway predicted while further commenting on her old boss’s Trump’s interaction with crowds in recent days at a Harlem bodega and at a construction site in midtown Manhattan before heading to court earlier Friday.

“See what Trump’s doing. He is doing something Joe Biden can’t do. Joe Biden can’t command a crowd. He can’t, he’s just low energy, no excitement whenever he shows up somewhere. What is ironic is this is the way Democrats like Barack Obama, particularly Bill Clinton, and even Jimmy Carter at the time all over Iowa would go through the crowd and shake hands with people directly. It’s been Trump at his rallies on the dais, with the teleprompter, above the people,” she said.

“I’m one small person, people run up to me from all places, all spaces, many different faces, ‘tell him we’re for him 100 percent,’” Conway continued. “Some people say I didn’t vote for him before but things are so bad, Biden is a real gift to Trump.

“I think also ironically, although he is stuck in the courtroom all day, he is on message. He is projecting strength, resilience, and perseverance, these great American qualities, but he is the guy with better plan on inflation, [the] economy. Not hike your taxes. Not do 44 percent cap gains tax. Many people predicted Trump would be king of debt. He is the king of growth,” she said.


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