Former President Donald Trump will likely be stuck in a Manhattan courtroom for at least another month while his “hush money” trial plays out, keeping him off the campaign trail with the exception of being able to interact more with residents from his hometown of New York City.

But his campaign nevertheless got some very good news on Thursday in the form of a new survey asking voters how they would feel about voting for the former president should he actually be convicted by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecutors: The short answer is ‘no change.’

A majority of likely voters say a conviction of a crime in any of fTrump’s various legal cases would have “no effect” on their vote choice, a UNF/PORL Florida National Survey released Thursday found, according to Breitbart News.

Citing the survey, the outlet added: Overall, most — 67 percent — said it would have “no effect” on their voting choice. Seven percent said it would make them “more likely” to support him, and 24 percent said it would make them “less likely.” Most Republicans and independents, 81 percent and 60 percent, respectively, said it would have “no effect” on their voting choice. Notably, 16 percent of independents said a criminal conviction would make them “more likely” to vote for Trump, although 27 percent said it would make it less likely.

Well over three-fourths of Republicans, or 77 percent, stated that a criminal conviction would have no effect on their vote choice. Among them, 11 percent mentioned it would make them more likely to vote for him, while only nine percent indicated it would make them less likely.

Trump visited a construction site in downtown Manhattan before heading into court to resume his ‘hush money’ trial on Thursday, where he was met with throngs of supporters before dropping a huge bombshell during an interview with Fox News.

Trump, citing a survey, said that he planned to make a play to win New York as anger and resentment towards the Democratic state apparatuses prosecuting him begins to rise. “We’re going to run very hard in New York. We have a good chance of winning New York, in my opinion. We’re going to give it a shot,” Trump said. “We’re very close in New York. I understand. We’re leading in the country by a lot. As you saw yesterday, we’re up by a lot in every swing state. So I think we’re going to do very well.”

“Normally, a Democrat would win New York. Biden is the worst president in history, and we have some very bad people here, but we have the greatest people, and they’re right behind me. “We’re gonna run very hard in New York. We have a good chance of winning New York, in my opinion, but we’re gonna give it a shot,” Trump said.

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