The House Republican majority continues to shrink in large part because its members lack the discipline of the Democrats, as evidenced on Sunday by a well-known RINO, Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s own views.

During an interview on CNN, host Dana Bash asked Gonzales about the passage of the $95 billion spending bill that protects the borders of Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan but not the U.S. border, referring to GOP colleagues who opposed the bill as “scumbags” while actually comparing them to the KKK.

Here’s a transcript:

BASH: So, you voted yes on the foreign aid package. Do you have confidence that at this point, given that it is still possible that Marjorie Taylor Greene will push to vacate, to kick out of the Speaker’s chair, that he can survive?

GONZALES: He will survive. Look, the House is a rough and rowdy place, but Mike Johnson is gonna be just fine. I served 20 years in the military. It’s my absolute honor to be in Congress, but I serve with some real scumbags. Matt Gaetz, he paid minors to have sex with him at drug parties. Bob Good endorsed my opponent, a known neo-Nazi.

These people used to walk around with white hoods at night. Now they’re walking around with white hoods in the daytime. Look, it didn’t surprise me that some of these folks voted against aid to Israel, but I was encouraged to see by a nearly 10-to-1 mark that Republicans supported our allies on the battlefield.


“Wow! Ok, I should say that the federal government did look into Matt Gaetz and those allegations, and they decided not to prosecute,” Bash jumped in.

Conservative commentator Scott Jennings added, “Well, unlike Joe Biden’s poor Uncle Bosie, I think Mike Johnson’s going to avoid cannibals in his own party here. He stood up to them this weekend — and the adults re-took control of the U.S. Congress. And I think people got sick and tired — he’s one of them — of Marjorie Taylor Greene being in charge of their life, and they just finally said, ‘No.’

“And so I think, and I hope that the Democrats will continue to stand with Mike Johnson here for a functional Congress,” he added.

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.